Animated Posters for the Black Mirror series

Animated Posters for the Black Mirror series

Francesco Hashitha Moorthy is an Italian graphic and motion designer based in London. He started the animated posters for the Black Mirror series because he wanted to merge his newest ability on motion graphic with his illustration skills. Loving Black Mirror at first sight he believed that could be a great project to start with. His aim was to create something that would make it easy for the viewer to remember the episodes. So, he chose a minimal and simple approach that with the animation added would become very dynamic and rich. The overall art direction comes from the vibes of the series, so he picked dark and ‘sad’ colours. 
Check out the posters here or visit Francesco Hashitha Moorthy’s Behance profile for more.

Black Mirror | Season 4

For his last poster of series 4 Francesco had to overcome the thing he had done and matched the same engagement of an interactive episode, which wasn’t easy but in the process he found a solution to get an interactive gif.
To play it and try it yourself and find out all the possible endings, visit his Behance page.

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