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The internet is a wonderful platform and tool for artists and designers to share their works and interact with millions around the world. This empowering tool also comes with a dark side as we all know. More designers are experiencing this menace, the theft and use of art without authorization. This is a growing problem for those who wish to share their works through this modern medium, the risk we all have to take. The Internet is patrolled by art thieves who will steal and profit from the works of designers and artists, without giving a penny or credit. They take any art which they feel they can reproduce to re-sell and offer various goods like posters, mugs, T-shirts, iPhone cases, mobile wallpapers etc. depicting these stolen art. The works of poster artist FREESTYLEE, Artist Without Borders has recently suffered such a theft. Person or persons have stolen two pieces of his works and has been printing them on T-shirt. This was discovered recently on a Facebook page, and was a terrible discovery by the artist to say the least. It is time for artists and designers to rally together to help find solutions put a stop to this grand theft of art and design, or to make it difficult for those who wish to steal art works. The majority of internet users have good intentions, and are very respectful and supportive of the rights of artists and designers. However, there is a small but destructive global mob of thieves that do not care for ethics or rights of artist and their works. WE MUST STOP THEM! Posters below were designed by FREESTYLEE in order to start a, Anti Global Art Thieves Campaign.


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Maria Papaefstathiou

VISUAL DESIGNER since 1996 and blogger since 2010. Living in Athens, Greece. She has been focusing her research on poster design and particularly on social poster design and portrait design. Her main poster project is a series of posters celebrating great personalities of traditional and popular culture in Greece and Jamaica. These include actors, singers, musicians, poets etc. This is an ongoing project. “I believe that design is a powerful tool that we designers can use to spark enthusiasm, change mindsets and bring positive actions to our world and our culture”. FOUNDER AND EDITOR OF GRAPHICART-NEWS.COM BLOG. She carefully curates high-quality designs, illustrations, and art, from all over the world that will teach and provoke other designers. Many consider her blog to be an exceptional educational tool. CO-FOUNDER OF THE INTERNATIONAL REGGAE POSTER CONTEST which was launched on December 2011, partnering, the creative activist Michael Thompson aka Freestylee. (


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