Artificial Intelligence. The final sprint, towards the unofficial World Cup in satire drawings “Viborg Cartoon Awards”, has begun

This year’s theme is Artificial Intelligence.

For the past six years, Viborg has created a strong tradition by organising, what is best known as, the unofficial “World Cup in satire drawings”.

The best illustrators, from all over the world, compete in the hopes of creating the most piercing and captivating drawings. Drawings that will serve to stimulate debate on the theme chosen by the jury of the competition – and this year the theme is “Artificial Intelligence”.


Chairman of the jury in Viborg Cartoon Awards, Lars Refn, has made this cartoon on this year’s subject, “Artificial Intelligence”.

This time the competition has received more than 1200 drawings from professional illustrators all over the world. Each participating illustrator has sent the maximum of three drawings with their own interpretation of this year´s theme. The jury has now selected 60 out of the 1200 drawings that will go on to compete in the finals where it will be determined, who will be crowned first, second and third place in this fierce competition. The first place will win not only the glory but also the prize money for a total amount of 3000€.
An international jury will be judging the satire drawings and Lars Refn, chairman of the Danish cartoonists, will be leading this process. Additionally, the jury will consist of Marlene Pohle from Argentina and the well-known cartoonist from France, Bernard Bouton. Both of them are vice-presidents in FECO. Also part of the jury is the international top leader of the organisation, Peter Nieuwendijk, from Holland. Roar Hagen, who is a satire illustrator from Norway, joins him. Roar Hagen has among others worked for the Norwegian paper VG, and his work has been widely published in many international newspapers like Times Magazine, Der Spiegel and Newsweek. The jury has been evaluating the contributions since May, and in the next couple of days, they will be choosing a winner.

Oliver Ottitsch, Austria

Khalil Raed, Belgium

Sunnerberg Constantin, Belgium

Tasco Tony, Belgium

Antonio Gomes Claudio, Brazil

Antonio Gomes Claudio, Brazil

Mello Silvano, Brazil

Popov Trayko, Bulgaria

Viborg has picked up the baton

Viborg municipality is continuing the international competition formerly known as “Niels Bugge Cartoon Award” after the bankruptcy of Niels Bugges Inn in the spring of 2018.
The competition is organised in collaborating with the global illustration-organisation called “Federation of Cartoonist Organizations” (FECO). Together with a number of individuals with a great drive and passion, who have been involved in the competition the last five years. Including chairman of the jury Lars Refn, and the original initiators of the competition Poul Nielsen (the former owner of Niels Bugges Inn), illustrator Claus Seidel, who is part of the jury in the category for children illustrations, and culture critic Søren Vinterberg.
“I am incredibly happy that Viborg has chosen to keep the competition going. This year we have a strong and very current theme, and we have received many great contributions from all over the world”, says Lars Refn. The chairman of the jury is very much looking forward to unveil the winner and to present all of the drawings in Viborg, that made it to the final.
The great unveiling will take place during a big award show on Friday 12th of October, as a part of the Night of Culture in Viborg. At the same time it will be possible to see all of the 60 drawings from the final at an art gallery opening. The international jury and the top three of the best illustrators from the competition will be present at the award show, and therefor some of the world best illustrators will be visiting Viborg.
Art, animation and drawings in all forms have been a special focus point for the city of Viborg for several years. Therefore it made perfect sense for Viborg to continue the unofficial World Cup in satire drawings.
“For several years Viborg has had an ambition to be the center of animation and drawing. This amazing competition in satire drawings has created a great deal of positive focus for the city of Viborg, and it will be a shame having to say goodbye to it. The essence of the Cartoon Award supports the ambition of the city in becoming the center of animation and drawings, and using this form of creativity to simplify the communication between the city and its citizens. It is also a great way to increase the economic growth for the creative and visual industries and educations in our municipality”, says the mayor of Viborg Ulrik Wilbek, as he continues:
“We would like to maintain this level of great professionalism in the competition and at the same time make sure that Viborg Cartoon Award has a strong public support from the community”, concludes the mayor Ulrik Wilbek.


Elena Ospina, Colombia

Elena Ospina, Colombia

Elena Ospina, Colombia

Αngel Ρamiro, Colombia

Qiang Liu, China

Brignaud Pierre, Canada

Popov Trayko, Bulgaria

Competition for the eighth graders of Viborg

The city of Viborg has also decided to continue with the idea to invite all of the city´s eighth-graders to contribute with their own interpretation of the theme “Artificial Intelligence”. This year the students have sent in over 100 drawings, and at the Night of Culture in Viborg, a winner will be announced among these contributions as well.
All of the drawings from the final will be put on display so that the citizens of Viborg will be able to enjoy them. The exhibit will open at the Night of Culture during an art vernissage at the old city hall of Viborg and will be open for the public for the next two weeks. The junior drawings will be on display during the same period at the library of Viborg. It is the hope of the organisers that a great number of citizens will visit the exhibit.
“To experience the illustrators very unique and special way to interpret this subject, I hope, is a way to create a debate on artificial intelligence and also on the importance of satire drawings in a society of democracy. Viborg Cartoon Awards is a great example on how a city can emphasize the importance of free speech and be a part of sharing thought-provoking political satire and new thoughts”, says the chairman of the committee of Culture – and Leisure time in Viborg, Mads Panny.
It is already possible to see a selection of the submitted satire drawings and learn more about the award show and exhibition. Read more on the city of Viborg´s information page:

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