Awarded Designer Mirko Ilic

Mirko Ilic. Photo by Luka Paic
Mirko Ilic. Photo by Luka Paic

Mirko Ilic, is a successful designer born in Bosnia who, recently, I was lucky and honored to meet him in his studio in NYC. I loved his work from the very first moment but also his ideas. We had a wonderful talk on design and his friend Milton Glaser. Leaving the studio I had in my mind to soon make an article on his work. Recently Mirko lauched his website, which I found the most appropriate time for me to show to you his work. Hopefully you will agree with me.

If you ask Mirko Ilic to speak about his amazing talent and work his response will be: 

I prefer think for 8 hours a day and work for 2 hours a day than the opposite.

Mirko likes to work in different fields of design, as he gets bored of doing the same thing over and over again. So, he drew comics and illustrations, he art-directed posters, books, record covers, he even designed hotels, buildings and restaurants…
When he arrived in the U.S. he became the art director of Time Magazine International Edition. Later he became art director of the Op-Ed pages of the New York Times. He has received numerous awards, including those from the Society of Illustrators, the Art Directors Club, I.D. Magazine, Print Magazine and others.
Mirko is the co-author of several books with Steve Heller, including Genius Moves: 100 Icons of Graphic Design, Handwritten, Stop Think Go Do, and Lettering Large. With Milton Glaser he co-wrote The Design of Dissent.

Check out his work or visit his websites : (design work) and (illustration work)

The Greed Merchants

Client: Penguin Books USA.
Illustration for the cover of the book The Greed Merchants, By Philip Augar.


Not Much Has Changed in a System That Failed

Client: The New York Times.


(Liberty & Justice) I’d Leave the Country Buy My Wife Won’t Let Me.

Client: The Village Voice.


Time magazine.


New York Times op-ed pages.

Client: New York Times


The Anatomy of Design, book (co-authors Mirko Ilic, Steven Heller).

Client: Rockport Publishers


100th Anniversary of Sarajevo (with Milton Glaser).

Client: Sarajevo 1914-2014 project
Sarajevo 1914-2014 project invited artists to create posters about Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the meeting point of civilizations, cultures and religions.

“Milton Glaser came up with the idea for each of us to create posters which work side by side together, “meeting” each other.
We divided the letters of the word Sarajevo. Milton got A, J, V and O and I got the letters R, A and E. We split the letter S.”

Other poster on the page was designed by Milton Glaser.


One poster on the page was designed by Mirko Illic.



SVA poster.

Client: School of Visual Arts. Art Director: Michael Grant


Festival Of Tolerance:

a) 8th Festival of Tolerance, logo & promotional materials.
Client: JFF Zagreb, Festival of Tolerance


b) 6th Festival of Tolerance (with Sanja Kuzmanović), logo/poster/program.
Client: JFF Zagreb


c) 20th Anniversary of Schindler’s List poster.
Client: JFF Zagreb, Festival of Tolerance


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