Boutique Wine Label Designs from Australia

Beetle Creative is a young design studio in Melbourne, Australia. They offer Graphic Design, Animation and Web but specialize in creating Boutique Wine Label Designs, which combine illustration, painting, photography, sculpture, custom typography and graphics to create artistic mixed media results.

Wine label artist and creative director Josh O’Meara said “ I was drawn to Wine Label Design as it offers really creative briefs, essentially a cross-road between art and graphic design. Budgets also tend to be generous and this allows more time to create detailed artworks, which can be refined to really high standards. We’re interested in really pushing the boundaries of Wine Label Design both Artistically and Technologically and to help promote the profile of label design as a respected form of art. We were thrilled to see the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art recently exhibiting wine label artworks and I think this is really the start as more creative talents are drawn to designing wine labels.”

Beetle Creative pride themselves on being highly versatile but many of their best designs have been artistic, colourful, vibrant and fun. A project they have in mind for the future is to create an Augmented Reality Wine Label combining their illustrations with animation and programming to create a 3D virtual experience. O’Meara states “this is the future of creativity, where imagination meets reality, opening endless possibilities.”

Josh is a self-taught artist and designer.

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Clos Marche

Each label was dedicated to a family member. The Longley label was dedicated to a late great uncle who was the curator of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens. The label combines illustration of the Botanical Plans, a Ficofilia Gum, A letter he wrote, timber texture and photographs.



Express Winemakers

Express Winemakers was our first wine brand. It is a young brand out to do things differently from the mainstream wine industry. The labels are fun and target an adventurous younger audience.





Flight Wines

This screen printed design is a tribute to the study of flight and humanities fascination with this field of study. We researched flight vigorously, including a visit to a taxidermist to study an eagles wing firsthand. The composition lays out our research as a blueprint.



La La Land Wines

This was one of our favourite projects to work on. The conceptual brand takes inspiration from Alice in Wonderland but with a Spanish and Surrealist twist. The main figure in both labels is ‘El Loco’ or ‘The Mad Hatter.’ For the Tempranillo he rocks out with his band playing for the Queen. The wrap around label is a single continuous artwork integrating the legalities as part of the space.
La La Land_Carton_Design

La La Land_Illustrations

La La Land_Illustrations_2

La La Land_Malbec_El_Loco

La La Land_Malbec_El_Loco_Close

La La Land_Malbec_El_Loco_Design

La La Land_Wine_Label_Design

La La Land_Wine_Label_Design_Close

La La Land_Wine_Label_Design_Wrap_Around

Woolshed Wines

An existing brand, which realized it needed a facelift. Woolshed’s being an iconic structure across the Australian outback we saw an enormous opportunity to utilize this to create an iconic brand. The centerpiece of this label was a dramatic outback oil painting. This photo is me at the launch of the rebranding in front of the painting with bottle.




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