Brand Colour Swap

The following article is an interested experiment made by the Printsome co.

“Some time ago, we decided to try our hand with a creative exercise to see how the colours of a logo can change the perception about a brand. The result was as we expected. Most of the people perceived the brand totally differently if we swapped the colours and some of them considered it even ‘’ weird’’. That is why we decided to challenge our creativity and to see more awkward swaps in the second edition of the article.

The point of the exercise was to see how the brand identity can be associated with a certain colour scheme. We compared direct competitors’ colour pallet as we benchmarked specific standards.”
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Dunkin Donuts vs Starbucks:

This is one the most emblematic change of colours. It is really interesting to see how Dunkin’ Donuts becomes so dull if has a monochromatic logo.


Sprite vs 7up:

Same thing happens with Sprite and 7Up. The new Sprite logo lost its colour vitality and it is very easy to confuse it with 7Up. Interesting move you did there, Coca Cola.


Heineken vs Budweiser:

Uh… Heineken and Budweiser… that’s a weird one, right? Can you still recognize the logos with the colour change?


Red Bull vs Monster:

The contrast between the colours looks really good for both brands.  However, if you swap the colour scheme, the brand identity gets lost on the way.


Fedex vs UPS:

FedEx and UPS is a very confusing one. You don’t really see the colour swap. Maybe because the shipping companies are not very colour-sensitive?


Ebay vs Amazon:

Ebay and Amazon is a sensitive colour swap. It doesn’t look right if you switch the elegant amazon black with a quadri-color logo. If E-bay would compete with google, it will definitely be a confusion.


Lego vs Playmobil:

In this case you can really see how important the colour scheme is to be aligned with the brand identity. We are speaking about toy brands. Does the plain blue form playmobil make you think?


Canon vs Nikon:

Cannon and Nikon colour brand swap simply does not go well. It is really difficult to work with a red colour and is very risky to combine it with Nikon’s layout.


Oral B vs Colgate:

Oral B and Colgate are similar with FedEx and UPS swap. You don’t really care about the change in colours, maybe because it’s just toothpaste or maybe because of the colours?


Unilever vs PG:

Unilever and P&G are in the same colour palette. It is very hard to make a difference but this just shows how important is blue for multinational consumer goods. It makes you think of the message behind the colour.


Real Madrid vs Barcelona:

Here it comes the last colour swap. This was just for fun and I am sure it will make all the sport fan angry but look at Real Madrid and FC Barcelona how well go together.



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