CALL FOR ENTRIES for ‘Green+you=GMO-FREE’ Posters

“Secret-GMO-Slow-Poisons are poisoning the many to profit the few.”~ Michael Iva . . . Or, any other relevant anti Secret-GMO-Slow-Poison message/image will do.

“We are ‘Green+You = GMO-FREE’ Artists from around the world, who create pro bono posters for world wide Anti-GMO activists to use in their ongoing fight against Biotech Junk Science Chemical Companies working with Big Food and Beverage Corporations who create and distribute Secret-GMO-Slow-Poisons world wide; which are poisoning the many to profit the few.

We, along with the rest of mankind, are under attack by our governments and these Secret-GMO-Slow-Poison Corporations, for the sake of their profits, rather than providing us with quality foods and beverages which are organic, sustainable, healthy, and green, plus allow humans to coexist with nature, as opposed to being nature’s archenemy.

“It seems as though our governments, and these Secret-GMO-Slow-Poison corporations have forgotten that Nature is where we all ‘live’. Nature is our only ‘future’, unless we do stupid and wasteful things that destroy ‘both.'” ~ Michael Iva

1. Our Green+You=GMO-FREE group is in an on-going battle again GMO’s
2. The latest ant-GMO-news from around the world is updated daily
3. Enter new anti-GMO posters on a on-going basis / Enter new posters at any time / Awards presented to these posters on a yearly basis / Worldwide online exhibits of these posters: happens yearly /
4. Future exclusive joint ventures between Green+You and selected anti-GMO activists will be announced

The guidelines for judging and selecting the submitted artworks should be like the followings:
– Is the poster an effective antidote to GMO propaganda and future activist communication tool
– Originality of ideas and images
– Uniqueness of concept and design
– Relevancy of the artwork to the topic
– Clarity of the messages of being conveyed

Committee/Advisor/Administration revealed soon

— Entry is free.
— Entrants can submit as many poster entries as they desire.
— Entrant(s) acknowledge that they are the author(s) of all the original artwork they submit, and that they own all the copyrights.
— The GREEN+YOU is open to all designers, artists, and writers worldwide, individuals (students and professionals) and collectives (e.g. studios/agencies/collaborations).

1- EMAIL TO: [email protected] and
2- UPLOAD POSTER TO: the ‘ADD PHOTO’ icon at the ‘WRITE POST’ in the top post of the group’s timeline at: DO NOT SHARE A LINK to your poster entries

— All entries must be original art created by the person submitting the art for the exhibition.
— Participants retain full ownership of their entries.
— Participants agree to grant GREEN+YOU & Michael Iva and/or his anti-GMO activists an: irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use, copy, exhibit, publicly display, distribute, and publish their submitted entry for any activity hosted by GREEN+YOU.

A3 (297x420mm), 300dpi, jpeg, CMYK.

July 30, 2016: Submission Deadline
August 15 to September 1, 2016: Judging
– September 15, 2016: Shortlisted of selected entrants names will be announced and their Posters Exhibited on our Facebook group page online poster exhibition.

– First place certificate
– Second place certificate
– Third place certificate
– Certificate of merit
– Administration | Jury | Advisor Invitational Participation Certificate. Any Green+You Committee/Advisor/Administration contributed poster will be in the exhibition, and given an invitation certificate.
– Plus, your posters receive the everlasting thanks from future generations for help to save lives and protect the environment
– Plus, your posters will get worldwide exposure and recognition from countless
Anti-GMO activist groups who use them to communicate with millions fans, followers, and targeted audiences.
CALL FOR ENTRIES for 'Green+you=GMO-FREE' posters


– Michael Iva, Qually Company and QuContent, CEO / Creative Director and Chairman of the Board of Advisors for Green + You
– Buddy Wachenheimer, Brown & Harvard Universities, WPP, Advisor
– Sisi Kim, Ph.D.Fine Arts,Tokyo National University of Fine Arts, Supporter,…/Sisikim…/581993641832924
– Byoung Choi, Green+You Founder.

~ Established on FB: January 22, 2014

poster exhibitions. Philosophy: “Nature is where you live. Nature is your only future. Nature is your home and represents your spirit. You must not do wasteful things that harm nature. Humans must love and respect nature, to love and respect themselves.” ~Michael Iva.

▷그룹안내: 유전자변형생물(GMO) 연구개발 저지 캠페인. 미래 삶과 후손들에게 영향을 주는 사실을 예견하는 지구촌 전문가 시민연대는 유전자조작변형생물반대 캠페인 동참을 호소하고 있다. 현재 유전자 조작 원재료로 만든 가공식품 등을 통해 지구촌 가족은 매일 식용하고 있다. 격려와 자문 등 다양한 동참을 환영한다. 그린플러스유 그룹 슬로건: ”인간은사랑, 자연은 미래, 우리는 모두 동등하다.”



Maria Papaefstathiou

VISUAL DESIGNER since 1996 and blogger since 2010. Living in Athens, Greece. She has been focusing her research on poster design and particularly on social poster design and portrait design. Her main poster project is a series of posters celebrating great personalities of traditional and popular culture in Greece and Jamaica. These include actors, singers, musicians, poets etc. This is an ongoing project. “I believe that design is a powerful tool that we designers can use to spark enthusiasm, change mindsets and bring positive actions to our world and our culture”. FOUNDER AND EDITOR OF GRAPHICART-NEWS.COM BLOG. She carefully curates high-quality designs, illustrations, and art, from all over the world that will teach and provoke other designers. Many consider her blog to be an exceptional educational tool. CO-FOUNDER OF THE INTERNATIONAL REGGAE POSTER CONTEST which was launched on December 2011, partnering, the creative activist Michael Thompson aka Freestylee. (

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