Colors and Shape, Light and Shadow Leading to Amazing Abstract Photography by Ana Loncar


Ana Loncar Anjusha is a Croatian photographer-artist. Her ability to use colors and shape, light and shadow give her abstract and surreal photographs a strength that lingers in imagination. Her work resonates on many levels. ~ WEB SOUNDZINE

Ana Loncar, a wonderful abstract photographer and art lover is going to be one of our writers in Let’s meet and embrace her.

Ana Loncar was born in Rijeka Croatia 1976. (at the time former Yugoslavia). When she was just a toddler and young girl she started to make pictures and clay sculptures and played the piano and guitar. Perhaps all that art was running in her bloodstream or just genes (maybe the way she is), well the grey cells affected her brain that is certain. When she finished high school, started to prepare for the art academy in Zagreb (the capital of Croatia), It was hard because that was war years so she belonged to the generation that felt all the consequences.

Ana attended the art academy of graphic for four years and parallel to the study she worked to earn some faculty money in her graphic design field were she made “annual reports” for banks, flyers, calendars for 3 years. During her academy years one of my main subject besides projecting was photography and film. This is when her love for photography was born and her little grey cells opened new horizon for her future to become. In the meantime she did many illustration for posters and exhibitions (some were awarded), made also some graphic design like the rock magazine “VAL” that was also publicized but in Rijeka (as the people say “ROCK CITY”), but still her true love remained photography.

Ana Loncar is a Croatian artist in the true sense of the word. Photography, drawing, portraits, nature, wondrous angles of color and light–she tells a story with her art. Ana plays the bass guitar and you can feel the music in her art. Her images are abstract yet grounded in her unique visions and a visit to her gallery is truly a pleasure. ~ WEB SOUNDZINE

Ana started experimenting with analog and later with digital media, with all sort of film formats, made her own photo laboratory for film developing (black and white  photographs and fotograms).  She started to publish her photos in a local magazine. In “her parallel universe” played the bass guitar and made some experiments with photos, the strong feeling of rhythm and harmony made her aware of many things that she included in my photo-concepts. Ana’s photography was published in the book “FOR JAPAN” and later in the book “FOR AFRICA”,

You can visit her website:
NADcreations group in DEVIANT ART that Ana created : my goal is to make people aware that art is all around us, that is connected with our lifestyle and that we make art with our (small things) yet very powerful (SUCH AS Philosophy, Science, Politics/Industry,etc).

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