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Show the world’s extraordinary Cuban poster designers and artists, published and exposed by Slanted, an independent magazine about typography, photography, graphic design and illustration. 
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Beyond cigars, American old timer cars and Che Guevara T-shirts Cuba has a strong tradition of graphic design. From the fifties until the embargo the county has been a major center for new ideas and creative design experiments. Nowadays the contrast is striking as there is in Cuba barely any publicity billboards, packaging, flyers, stickers, brands … They have all been replaced over the years by government propaganda posters but against all odds the spirit of creativity remains still much alive. Since the nineties a new generation of graphic designers has emerged and they hold on tight to the course of history. They are unfortunately still unknown and they strive to survive in a complicated economic and political situation without any means to be recognized by the rest of the world.


During over fifty years of revolutionary power, the history and evolution of Cuba are connected to images and pictures. The society is based on culture and puts forward its creativity and diversity. Cuban poster production has reached its summit between the years 1965 and 1975. Artists and Graphic Designers have created their own efficient graphic language in order to educate and convey revolutionary ideals. The history of Cuban Graphic Design has seen then the birth of its masters.
From the eighties, Cuba has suffered many economic difficulties due to the deterioration of exchanges with the USSR caused by falling of the socialist block. Material means became scarce in the studios and orders were rare, the poster was – as a consequence – no more a nation priority. A majority of graphic designers decided to leave the country and a part of the island culture disappeared with them.
In 1984, the government opens the first Graphic Design School in the country, the ISDI (Superior Institute of Industrial Design) with the target to train professionals in the Design and Communication sector. Five years later, the first Graphic Designers graduate, start to work and boost the poster production. Little by little the organisms work again with this new generation and the history of Cuban Graphic Design is revived.



This special issue of Slanted, CUBAN POSTER ART – The New Generation, will be released in spring 2013, attracting attention to an international level. This project has the goal to raise EUR 10,000 (~ $ 13,000).
Slanted need to cover extra expenses that usually don’t have:
1. For an exhibition with original silkscreened posters, touring from city to city. Shipping, organization and insurances for first shows in Berlin, Leipzig and Paris will cost EUR 4,000 (~ $ 5,200)
2. Translations: The magazine will be bilingual (Spanish/English). With a volume of 320 pages Slanted will have to translate all interviews and texts either to English or Spanish. This needs to be done professionally and will be EUR 4,500 (~ $ 5,800)
3. Additional print of 1,000 copies that will be shipped to Cuba. Whoever has been in Cuba knows how hungry Cubans are for good printed matter. Extra printing: EUR 1,500 (~ $ 1,950)
The funding of this project will enable Slanted to share what we see as being an extraordinary inside view into Cuban design, reflecting the reality of life in Cuba and the beauty that lies within its complexity.




… an independent magazine; so dependent on you! We (Lars Harmsen, Flo Gaertner and Ulrich Weiss) are design junkies and borderline (okay, all-around) typography obsessives and met 1996. Since that time we run a small design studio in Karlsruhe, south Germany. It occurred to us one day in 2005 to put our heads together and work on a typography and design magazine we knew we’d be enthusiastic enough to give our nights and weekends to. We first launched a blog (, today one of the most important in german speaking area. The magazine followed and became a source of inspiration and reference in the fields of creation, typography, graphics, illustration and photography. Meanwhile 20 issues of Slanted had been published. Blog and magazine won numerous awards, from TypeDirectors Club NY to Lead Awards Germany. We understand the need for delivering a high quality product. And we are Germans, means accurately as possible and on time. We will ship the issue to all our backers around the world within our promised delivery date, Spring 2013. Your happiness is our business!

Thank you for taking the time to review our project, we appreciate very much that you’re spending some time with

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Maria Papaefstathiou

VISUAL DESIGNER since 1996 and blogger since 2010. Living in Athens, Greece. She has been focusing her research on poster design and particularly on social poster design and portrait design. Her main poster project is a series of posters celebrating great personalities of traditional and popular culture in Greece and Jamaica. These include actors, singers, musicians, poets etc. This is an ongoing project. “I believe that design is a powerful tool that we designers can use to spark enthusiasm, change mindsets and bring positive actions to our world and our culture”. FOUNDER AND EDITOR OF GRAPHICART-NEWS.COM BLOG. She carefully curates high-quality designs, illustrations, and art, from all over the world that will teach and provoke other designers. Many consider her blog to be an exceptional educational tool. CO-FOUNDER OF THE INTERNATIONAL REGGAE POSTER CONTEST which was launched on December 2011, partnering, the creative activist Michael Thompson aka Freestylee. (

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