Design & Fly, Poster Contest by Volotea and ShowUsYourType

Volotea and ShowUsYourType joined again in 2019 for their second edition of the “Design & Fly” poster contest that rewards the best designers with Volotea flights.
Volotea, the airline of medium and small cities in Europe, organized with ShowUsyourType the 2nd Design & Fly contest in which participants, through creativity and typography, designed posters representing the chosen cities. The same contest was held again in 2018 with great participation success.

Volotea and ShowUsYourType share the same passion for travelling, for stimulating the adventurous sense and for serving as an inspiration to explore the world.
The objective of Design & Fly is to promote the design of posters describing the participating cities (Marseille, Genoa and Athens) in a characteristic style of them.
The only requirement was that the creation must contain the name of the chosen place.

Volotea takes special care of the travel experience, the presentation of its destinations and the brand image, so this award satisfies all our aspirations and we are proud to collaborate in its promotion,” said Marcos da Gama, Brand Director of Volotea.

To start and produce the cover in each city ShowUsYourType has chosen renowned at the local level studios.
In Athens were Dionysis Livanis and Konstantinos Trichas, two Greek creatives that before moving to London they lived and worked in Athens.
Dionysis is a Creative Director for branding agencies and a Fine Art photographer working on personal projects that explore tensions between self, body and space. Link:
Konstantinos is a Senior Designer and Art Director working on international brand and design projects; he is also a maker fascinated with materials and processes. Link:


The chosen designs were published on the Volotea social networks as well as on the ShowUsYourType platform. In addition, these editions will further boost local design and reward a city artist with free flights with Volotea for two people to any of the destinations operated by the airline. There will also be a second winner for each of the cities that will have the opportunity to show their designs publicly in a space assigned by the airports of Marseille, Genoa and Athens respectively, where Volotea has offices open to the public.


International winner
Louis LETTERS, Montreal, Canada
[email protected] –
Montréal Canada


National winner
Toma Studio, Athens, Greece
[email protected] –


Volotea, the airline of the European regional capitals, has reached 20 million passengers transported since its first flight in 2012 and more than 6.5 million in 2018.
In 2019, Volotea opened 41 new lines and operated a total of 319 lines connecting more than 80 European regional capitals through direct flights through 13 countries: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Malta, Austria, Ireland, Luxembourg and Morocco. The company plans to transport 7.5 million passengers in 2019. Volotea currently has 12 bases: Venice, Nantes, Bordeaux, Palermo, Strasbourg, Asturias, Verona, Toulouse, Genoa, Bilbao, Marseille and Athens. Volotea has employed more than 1,000 people since the summer of 2018 to support the growth of its business. In 2019, 200 new positions will be created. In 2019, Volotea operates in its network with a fleet of 34 aircraft, consisting of Boeing 717 and Airbus A319. Both models are known for their comfort and reliability and have seats 5% larger than average. The Airbus A319 is the aircraft chosen by the company to support its growth. An airplane model that will allow the company to increase its transport capacity by 25% to 156 seats and transport passengers over long distances. Volotea was awarded the Best Airline Award based in France, Italy and Spain by TripAdvisor travellers in the category “Low-cost Regional Airline”. Volotea has reached a recommendation rate of 90% of its customers.


ShowUsYourType is a creative project founded in 2009 that offers a platform for artists and designers from around the world in order to share their talent while exploring cities from a unique perspective.
Once a city is selected, artists and designers are invited to participate. With each edition, ShowUsYourType receives hundreds of presentations from which the best designs are selected and shared on all its platforms; as well as on Facebook and Instagram where more than 66,000 artists share and show their talent. In the past 10 years, ShowUsYourType has been in 30 cities, 10 exhibitions worldwide, participating in international conferences, implementing typography workshops and has been mentioned in numerous articles.

Check all the 300 designs here:

STEFANOS POTAMIDIS, Thessaloniki, Greece


SHARON CORDON, Guatemala City, Guatemala

ORHUN TURKER, Bolu, Turkey

JULIO ZUKERMAN, Sao Paolo, Brazil

FERNANDO HORTA, Brasilia, Brazil

EWA OLSZEWSKA, Warsaw, Poland








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