Don Quixote playing cards inspired by his most renowned work

A custom-illustrated playing cards inspired by the famous novel titled – The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha

This month of April we’re celebrating the 400th anniversary of the famous Spanish novelist Miguel de Cervantes death by releasing the Don Quixote playing cards inspired by his most renowned work in the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter.

Don Quixote Playing Cards Vol.1 shares a glimpse of the beautiful characters within the novel written by Miguel Cervantes with the whole world. Custom-Illustrations on these playing cards will allow you to revisit the beloved characters that the Hidalgo Don Quixote meets during his first travels as a knight-errant throughout Spain.

Kickstarter the project here

1 Don Quixote - Cards and Tuck
2 Don Quixote - Suits and Pips
3 Don Quixote - Tuck Boxes

All the artwork behind the Don Quixote playing cards are illustrated from scratch; The court cards are personified by main characters from the first volume of Don Quixote as well as their beautiful queens and very colorful characters featured as jacks. From the tragic story of Lothario and Anselmo to the Captain Ruy Perez de Viedma who was captured by pirates to the ever elusive beauty of Dulcinea you will find eccentric and memorable characters illustrated in great detail that befits a novel who stood the test of time towards greatness.

The deck will be made with premium quality by Legends playing card co. LPCC has been making waves recently from collectors and magicians because of how great they are with detail and the exeptional handling of their cards. Don Quixote will be printed on Emerald Finish that is a traditionally cut European card stock thus offering a great snap and feel and the material for the tuck box will be matte white with black print and gold foiling on all sides for that extra bells and whistles.

5 Don Quixote - Detail
7 Don Quixote - Card Backs and QoH
8 Don Quixote - Deck View

Don Quixote Playing Cards was launched on Kickstarter on April 19th 2016.

The goal is to raise $8,000USD to be able to clear the minimum quantity required to print with LPCC. Pledge tiers start from $14 for the playing cards with options to add-on uncut sheets of the cards and posters of the illustrations. All the prices for the pledges includes free shipping worldwide. If this project is funded, shipping is set on or before November 2016 just in time for the holidays.

Please visit
(a Kickstarter crowd-funding page that went live on Tuesday, April 19 @ 12:00PM EST) to find out more about the crowd-funding initiative.

9 Don Quixote - Tuck Box back side

About Cellar Window:
Cellar Window is a small studio that revolves around designing labels and playing cards. This project was created as a means to share our passion with good design and the work of Miguel de Cervantes to everyone who has grown to love Don Quixote like us and to spread the word to people who has yet
to experience the book.

For further information, please contact:
Nam Tibon, Co-founder of Cellar Window
[email protected]

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