Dreamy Worlds Illustrated by Amandine Bensard

Dreamy Worlds Illustrated by Amandine Bensard

Illustration and Art have always been more than a hobby for illustrator Amandine Bensard, but a real personal and professional goal. Amandine grew up in Paris, where she studied Visual Arts at the university. When moved to Madrid, Amandine decided to dedicate to her real vocation studying Graphic Design at Arte10 school of Art.

Amandine Bensard has a versatile style even though it used to be realistic and elaborated, with a special care for details. Her work is essentially traditional, working with acrylics, watercolour and posca, but as times goes on she uses digital tools as well, such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Amandine’s personal work is inspired by fantasy, comics like Winsor McCay’s, Moebiu’s, Sergio Topi’s… The Hayao Miyasaki’s movies, and works of famous illustrators such as Edmond Dulac and Rackham. Her illustrations embody dreamy worlds where the characters travel into space, the animals wear their own house, and the cities defy gravity.

She has worked for advertising agencies, magazines, little companies and for individuals… painting portraits, making posters and promotional illustrations. Currently, she is finding her own place in the professional world as a freelance illustrator with a goal to grow up as an artist, to participate in new projects and to learn from it.

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