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One of the wonders of art is that there are always new and exciting artists emerging. This is also good news for art investors since it means that there is always the opportunity of buying work from an emerging star and watching it increase in value as they become more recognized. Here are thirteen new talents to watch carefully.


Julien Spianti

In spite of the Italian name Spianti was brought up in France and holds a Master degree in Philosophy and Aesthetics from the Sorbonne. The multi-talented Spianti is a designer and director as well as an artist. At the present time, his key interest is the blurring of space, particularly between indoors and outdoors as well as the blurring of the individual identity. Lack of faces on his subjects are a characteristic of much of his recent work.

Alina (dummies serie)
© Julien Spianti


Larisa Ilieva

Bulgarian-born artist Larisa Ilieva is a graduate from the Facultyof Fine Arts inVelikoTarnovo,and nowdivides her time between her native home and Paris. Favoring the technique of pastel, her works resonate withthe sensitivityof contemporary art, making a bridge betweenthe classicpen and ink drawingandthe current cropof pop art.

Blue Desire
© Larisa Ilieva


Shaina Craft

Philadelphia-based, U.S.-native Shaina Craft is an artist whose work is an exploration of the human form and the human experience. Although she is probably best-known for her work in oils, she also uses chalk, pastel and digital photography. More recently she has begun to explore the world of ceramics and sculpture, which has given her new inspirations for her other work.

Flesh Experiment 116
© Shaina Craft
United States


Patrick Todd

Although technically from the U.S, the widely-travelled Todd has absorbed the influences of the many cultures he has visited. He has also studied art, but does not see his education as being a key contributor to his success. Todd is particularly well known for creating works which combine sound with visual imagery.

© Patrick Todd
United States


Ian Mclean

“Fluid and messy and it often does not behave”, is how Canadian artist Ian Mclean, describes hisworks’ medium. From inspiration by the discrepancies between mood and setting and the use of decoration as distraction, his paintings are intended to lure the viewer into familiar environments either real or imagined though using images of domestic comfort.

Hot Tub-Petri Dish
© Ian Mclean


Geoff Diego Litherland

Mexican-born, London based artist Geoff Diego Litherlandhas exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally. His work explores the tension between the natural world and its grasping appropriation by human influence. Geoff is also currently an Associate Lecturer in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University and is undertaking a part-time MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths University of London.

I Knew it Would Come to This (The Old Horizon)
© Geoff Diego Litherland
United Kingdom


Jarek Puczel

Polish artist JarekPuczelapproaches his work with the idea that life is a movie or a game of illusion and the world is a playground where different realities play with one another. Alongside receiving his MA from the University of Warsaw, Jarek has also had his paintings exhibited across Europe and the United States. Today, he lives and works in Olsztyn, Poland and in the U.S. is represented exclusively by the Robert Fontaine Gallery.

Lovers (2)
© Jarek Puczel


Ahmet Murat Karayila

The Greek polymath Karayila has studied mathematics and engineering as well as woodwork and fine art. He is therefore an intriguing mixture of scientist, artist and philosopher. The concept of time is key to his work. His subjects are influenced by existentialism, they are people who are aware of being alone and who understand the brevity of human existence.

Portrait Of A Gentleman Wearing A Brown Helmet
© Ahmet Murat Karayilan


Heidi P

Born inAarhus, Denmark, Copenhagen based artist Heidi P has had her works exhibited in Denmark since the early 2000s where she debuted at theGallery Python in 2004.Her inspiration is drawn from everywhere, and is especially evident in her works where she uses bright, lively, cheerful and unconventional colours.

The Trees Can’t Grow without the Sun in Their Eyes
© Heidi P


Jason Ratliff

An artist first and foremost and a graphic designer second, U.S,-based Ratliff creates works which are elegant and inspiring in their apparent simplicity. Ratliff’s best-known works are his Walking Shadow series of drawings which feature simple subjects and their multi-colored shadows. Some of these shadows simply magnify their subject, so that a drably-dressed old man with a stick and a message bag becomes a vibrant giant. Others highlight their subject’s potential, so that a tiny baby deer becomes an antlered stag in full magnificence and a riot of color. Likewise a small boy with his coat blowing behind him, becomes a superhero. Ratliff’s work encourages the viewer to notice the extraordinary in everyday life.

Walking Shadow 9
© Jason Ratliff
United States


Sara Willett

London-based Sara Willett is no shrinking violet, quite the opposite. Her work includes installations, paintings and multimedia works as well as work on paper. The bold use of strong colors and equally strong forms is her artistic trademark. The shapes she uses are as likely to be geometric as fluid and she is expert at creating the illusion of texture even in two-dimensions.

© Sara Willett
United States



Born Tadas Cerniauskas, Lithuanian TadaoCern is probably best-known for “Revealing the Truth” a photographic version Van Gough’s self-portrait. This took the web by storm. He also raised eyebrows (and laughs) with his “Blow Job” series, which features faces distorted by fans. Originally trained as an architect, TadaoCern made his life-changing decision in the spring of 2010 and decided to become a professional photographer, even though he had no experience in photography. Fortunately natural talent, creativity and hard work, saw him make a name for himself and he is now a respected photographer and artist.

Revealing the Truth
© TadaoCern
United States


Ieva Baklane

Latvian-born but now a naturalized Canadian, Baklane is inspired by architecture and the outdoors, particularly the surfing and skateboarding cultures, in which she participated as a child. Expanses of blue, such as sky and water, feature regularly in her work, which is full of Mediterranean colors and the use of bright light. Interestingly Baklane’s paintings are a mixture of abstract and realist styles (although not usually in the same piece), which come equally naturally to her.

White Cube II
© Ieva Baklane
United States

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