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Today we introduce you Wanja and Simone and their studio FLORELL / SCHOLZ based in Germany.
Wanja‘s core competencies are conceptualizing and designing corporate designs as well as website-programming, the shooting of material for these projects and search engine optimization.
Wanja passed his study of art at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg in 2012 and has been working as freelance graphic designer ever since his apprenticeship as a digital and print media designer. Since his graduation his freelance work for cultural institutions, galleries, museums and art collectors has taken off.
He also works in the field of photography – his focus within his art study – and shoots objects of art and interiors he then uses for the books, catalogues and websites he produces for his clients.
As his diploma project Wanja chose to develop an installation which was set up as a parlour game – “Kapitalmetamorphosen” (metamorphosis of capital). His approach was to visualize and condense Karl Marx’s, Zirkulationsprozeß des Kapitals“ (circulation process of capital) and make the processes of circulating capital come alive for the participants.

Simone also went through a apprentice as a digital and print media designer and started her freelancerism right after since 2006.
Since then she has worked for advertising agencies and direct clients from sustainable investors to beauty corporations to automobile customers.
Her favourite task is finding and designing the face of a brand and defining the complete corporate design from A to Z. She has a detailed eye for the usability of print and online products. One of her special competencies is that she empathizes with the user and is able to create conceptual, functional and appealing designs with this knowledge.

“We’re very excited about this personal project of ours we’re working on currently that is REfine – a webshop for design objects and smaller items of furniture with smart engineering and style, partly made from atypical or re-used materials. For REfine we seek local designers from the north of Germany for the start and in the future we’ll be looking for designers within the EU as well.
The shop will be launched in November 2013 and undergoes the beta-phase at this time and gets tested by friends and work mates.
After REfine will stand on it’s feet, we plan to develop more online business models and can’t wait to drag out the other concepts out of the drawer!”

Graphicart-news wish to Wanja and Simone the very best wishes for a successful future.
You are invited to visit their website for more at  http://www.florellundscholz.de/ueberuns/


REfine – turning things
Design and conceptualisation of logo, website, business equipment


Stadt Bad Gastein
Kunstresidenz catalogue 2011 & 2012
Design & conceptualisation


Organic Delight
Gastronomy & event manageent
Design and conceptualisation of logo and business equipment


Sterntaucher Filmproduktion
Website design for the documentary “Bonne Nuit Papa”

Rippple Books
Design and conceptualisation of logo and covers


Design and conceptualisation of website, city light and flyer


Kapitalmetamorphosen” (metamorphosis of capital)


Maria Papaefstathiou

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