Get The Bud of Your Dreams: A Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Weed

Learn how to draw the perfect, mouth-watering weed bud with this step-by-step tutorial.

For those of us who don’t have a small Picasso inside, drawing can turn out to be quite a challenge sometimes. It’s as if somewhere between the picture inside our heads and the drawing an earthquake has taken place.

Of course, those who are gifted with great drawing skills won’t probably have to deal with these struggles, but for the rest of us muggles, there are a few tricks under the sleeve that you can turn to finally be able to make those drawing dreams come true.

In fact, there is as much freedom and creativity in drawing as there is a technique, a 50-50 ratio I’d dare to say. While yes, some talent is ideal to make some creations, sometimes a bit of technique and some perseverance can bring amazing outcomes.

Practice makes perfect, claims the famous quote, and when it comes to drawing, and many other activities, this is quite true. And though optimistic the phrase may sound, perfect shouldn’t be the main goal as nothing really will ever be perfect. It should be more of an intention to express or achieve a certain result rather than perfectionism.

In this tutorial, our goal will be learning how to draw the weed buds of your dreams, perfect but in our imagination perhaps. Let’s go through this step-by-step guide on how to get the bud of your dreams on paper. And don’t hesitate to add your own personal touch and wander a bit from the instructions.

You’ll only need three different shades of green and a thin black liner for the special details. So, time to gather your drawing tools and practice!

Drawing Weed Buds: Step 1

The first step to drawing weed buds is making the base shape. As mentioned, you should pick three main colors:

  • Base tone: This should be a medium shade of green, not too dark or too bright, which will be the dominant shade of your bud. Pick your favorite shade of weed!

  • Shadows color: your shade color should be a tone slightly darker than the base, which we’ll use to add some darker hues and an extra dimension to the bud.

  • Highlights tone: lastly, you’ll want to add some lighter hues of green to add the last details of your bud.

Now, just because we’ve suggested 3 tones doesn’t mean you should stop there. If you’re inspired to add some purple or orange hues, or even some glitter for sparkling trichomes then definitely go for it!

Back to step 1 now, what you should aim at is making a basic shape of a weed bud. Weed buds as we know aren’t perfectly shaped at all, in fact, they’re quite asymmetric, so don’t really worry if your shape doesn’t look perfect, that works! Just choose a size, or try to imagine a real bud in your head.

Now, the first step to drawing marijuana buds is making the basic shape of your bud. Is it going to be a monster bud or a cute little green bush? It’s up to you!

Step 1: draw the weed bud shape.

 A great tip is to take a thicker marker or any other drawing supply of choice and imitate circular movements. Then add some smaller ones with a thinner ink to add dimension.

Extra Advice

Having a fresh image of a tasty bud in your head should be of good help whenever you feel a bit lost. You can even quickly grow your own plant with autoflowering seeds and use it as an example.

Now that you have your asymmetric green cloud, try adding a couple of pointy leaves on the edges here and there. And lastly, don’t forget to add a stem, or not, as you prefer.

Drawing Weed Buds: Step 2

Once you’ve successfully drawn the base shape of your dream bud, take the black liner of choice, and let’s learn how to add some structure to your flower. Again, we suggest black but other hues of green may also work great.

Start by adding different sized half circles all around the bud’s edges and middle zone. Outline the stem as well and add some stems around the bud’s body too.

Step 2: outline the structure and details of your weed bud.

Now don’t forget to also outline tiny leaves throughout the bud, but don’t overdo it! A good bud should be well-manicured.

The base shape drawn on step 1 should be your main guideline now, but feel free to make any modifications to it as you go, making it either bigger or smaller.

Drawing Weed Buds: Step 3

Now that you’ve got a nice base shape with its main lines and small details you’re almost done, you just need to add the last couple of finishing touches. The magic is always in the teeny tiny details.

Start with some shadows to create some extra 3D feeling for your bud. Think, what is further back and what parts are in the front? Then, add shadows accordingly. If this step feels a little scary, just add a few shadows here and there but not too much, you can always add more later.

Half circular movements here are quite the key, as well as some additional irregular scribbles. By adding shadows you will be able to see some more density on your bud already.

Step 3: Add some shadows and highlights to your weed bud.

 Now, let’s switch to the bright side, and taking the highlighting tone, add some spark to your bud. Again, semi-circular movements are a great technique, but if you feel lost at any time, don’t hesitate to reach for a real bud photo for some guidance.

There’s no right amount of highlights and shadows, just add a couple here and there until it just feels right when you see it. And again, forget about perfectionism, weed buds are eccentric beauties.

Drawing Weed Buds: Step 4

Your bud surely looks like a great bud already, but why not add some more magic? Buds are full of textures, such as pistils and sparkly trichomes, so why not add them to your masterpiece too?

Just let yourself go, and any misjudgments, even if you’re not happy with the outcome, it’s great that you gave it a try, and surely the next one will match your expectations way better.

Why not add some nice background too? Or remember when we mentioned orange or purple-ish hues, now’s the time to go for it!

Final Words of Courage

The fact that you went through the guide and let go of the big load of self-criticism that any creative activity involves is already a big pat on the shoulder, you made it! So don’t worry if your buds don’t look as you pictured in your head, well, our arms aren’t precisely printers of our mind pictures so it just makes sense.

With some more practice, patience, and persistence you’ll definitely improve over time. Who knows, before you know it you could be drawing buds that will leave your friends dreaming of.

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