Grand Урюк’s new brand identity by Tomatdesign

Grand Урюк’s new brand identity by Tomatdesign

Урюк (Uryuk) is a kind of apricots used to produce dry apricots, middle-Asian delight.

Chain of restaurants «Урюк» hit the market with new, completely reworked strategy and redesigned restaurants “Grand Урюк” in order to attract a younger and more active audience. The classic design of the restaurant chain, based on Uzbek patchwork tradition was replaced with a modern and stylish one to fit new chain setting, which combines high-quality food and trendy parties in the chain restaurant.

The key points – Luxury, Smart, Fun – define the conception and communicate the message of the new format. Splendid customer service. Professional approach to quality. Swanky parties, performances, concerts.
The classic “Урюк” chain had almost everything – the highest quality cuisine, professional staff, versatile entertainment options. The only thing they lack – something that would make people talk about the new restaurants… something bold, provoking and somewhat scandalous. This is how the new logo was born – a golden apricot with ambiguous curves, ironic and provocative.

The golden apricot became the key image of the restaurants. It perfectly reflects the ambiguous character of the brand image and positioning – «not just a restaurant but a never-ending celebration”.

This bipolarity was further reflected in the brand identity which combines two contrasting approaches – organized chaos vs. order and simplicity.

The golden apricot is the embodiment of vital power impossible to regulate. It appeals by its spontaneous and chaotic nature. The same chaotic nature vibrates through identity: the golden fruit doesn’t have a particular spot – it is scattered around the improvised pattern and can appear in various places.

This chaotic principle is opposed and at the same time complemented by order and simplicity. Hyperbolized logic and ultra-simplicity are also the basis of the brand identity alongside with its provocative character.

Hence, the simple logo, strict proportions of the design elements, and elaborated format structure. The approaches can be independent or intersect with each other to create unpredictable design solutions for advertising and brand materials.

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