Free Fall Galaxy Cover

Grégory Fages’s New Album Cover Design for The Sleeper Wakes Serie

Jeff Mills and Axis Records present FREE FALL GALAXY, The 9th Chapter of the Sleeper Wakes Serie. For the cover of this new release Jeff Mills has collaborated with the french artist Grégory Fages alias greg13*. Active artist, already introduced as crazy because of his particularly complex and detailed paintings, he uses his obsessions as creative engine. This is a new style from another space, unknown, vibrant and disturbing.

“It’s an unclassifiable universe resulting from a strange mix of inspirations such as graffiti, Comics books, Tattoos, Pop Art, packaging of all kinds products, LP Art cover, or even the famous trading cards “Garbage Pail Kids”, which is evolving for over 10 years to the signature 13*. Over these years, I have explored several directions, always guided by my obsessions and desires, and now a single language is emerging: organic, colorful and intrusive… almost alive.” – Greg13*

Free Fall Galaxy Cover


The FREE FALL GALAXY is what we could call a cosmic menace – a threat to all that it encounters. It is a dark space in Time that shows no mercy for its prey as it devours for the means of survival. Unlike the Galaxies humanity know and recognize; the spiral, elliptical and abnormal galaxies, the Free Fall galaxy doesn’t seem to have a consistent character that we rationalize, but one thing that we do know is that it endlessly consumes without becoming larger is mass or size. Where the cosmic matter goes after its eaten is a mystery that we struggle to imagine. As a nomadic hunter, we must assume that this Galaxy holds the information the unlocks many galactic mysterious. 

Free Fall Galaxy Cover

The Sleeper Wakes

“The Sleeper Wakes is a science fiction story about the structure, preservation, limits of the human species and existence, the assumed realm of other intelligent life forms, the other dimensional worlds and realities beyond the horizon of our imagination. Created as means to demonstrate how fictional storytelling can enhance and open the doors to the unimaginable, these stories are devices meant to destabilize the creative process. This series is constantly evolving, ongoing and will never stop.“ -Jeff Mills

The Album Covers of the "Sleeper Wakes Serie".
The Album Covers of the “Sleeper Wakes Serie”.

Who is Gregory Fages

Gregory Fages, alias greg13*, was born in France in 1981 and received a Master of Architecture from l’École d’architecture de Grenoble. In 2012, he moved to Montreal, Canada, and has been alternating between his art projects and a full-time position in architecture. Convinced that creativity is a result of a balance of these two activities, he operates with a personal maxim of “One foot on the ground, one foot on the moon!”

His work is an unclassifiable universe resulting from a strange variety of inspirations such as, graffiti, comic books, tattoos, pop art, product packaging of all kinds, LP album covers and even the famous collectible “Garbage Pail Kids”.

Over the past ten years, as his 13* signature has evolved; Gregory Fages has explored several directions that are always guided by his obsessions and desires. Now a distinct language has emerged; one that is organic, colorful and intrusive.

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