Horizona Typeface, the Expressive Font

Introducing an all-new typeface from TypeThis!Studio, Horizona! This expressive font comes in nine different weights to grab everyone’s attention. The range encompasses black weight to thin for striking headings and all display typography. Horizona includes 580 glyphs including an extended set of currencies, such as the Rupee and Bitcoin. This eye-catching font doesn’t stop there, though! Horizona also offers a set of circled and black circled arrows for design consistency that extends beyond the written word.

So often unique fonts like Horizona come with a limited range of usable glyphs, but that’s not the case here. Horizona‘s design keeps in mind the needs of its users and works to suit those, which is evident in the enormous glyph selection and extensive weight range. Each iteration of Horizona is carefully designed to maintain consistency and the aesthetic integrity of this font. Users can be sure that any symbol they use, and in whatever language, the typeface’s whimsical nature will shine through to provide a polished and stylized finish to their product. From branding to signage, editorial to advertising, or even for personal use, Horizona makes a statement in a huge variety of languages, letters, symbols, and numbers.

  • 580 Characters
  • 9 Styles
  • Full Latin Language Support, incl. Vietnamese
  • Numbers
  • Symbols
  • Punctuation

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send an email at [email protected]

TypeThis!Studio & How they Empower their Customers

A new foundry launches with a boutique selection of high-quality fonts and empowers customers’ confidence in their typefaces: TypeThis!Studio

TypeThis! offers a variety of high-quality fonts for businesses and designers. “Designers typically know the value of a well-designed typeface,” explains Anita Jürgeleit, founder of TypeThis!Studio, “but it is difficult to determine whether a typeface meets your needs. Therefore we have developed a service to boost our clients’ confidence in the versatility of our fonts.”

With digital specimens, TypeThis!Studio offers visitors a tool to assure whether the desired font fulfills all their technical requirements. One of these requirements could be the support of a certain language or a special typography glyph.

More importantly, visitors are also given the ability to download free trial versions of the fonts. With these free trials, TypeThis! shows trust and good faith towards their clients. Designers are now one step ahead and can layout, test typefaces and get a visual impression of their typography before their work becomes a commercial project.

Last but not least, we’d like to mention our new invented Core Editions. Core font families contain an essential character of our best selling fonts. To support junior designers and small start-up businesses, we offer all Core versions under $ 30.

To learn more about TypeThis!Studio’s fonts services and how to get access to their typefaces, visit https://www.typethis.studio

About TypeThis!Studio:

TypeThis!Studio is a new type foundry by German type designer Anita Jürgeleit. The company aims to help creatives and businesses improve their typography design and thus fulfilling their visions. Focused on editorial, branding and corporate identity use, their typefaces are high-performing fonts tailored to provide exactly the features their clients need.


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