Hostinger Business Hosting Review

It is a great achievement for any hosting provider to receive thousands of new sign-ups every day. Hostinger must be doing something right that’s why day-to-day on an average 15K users signing up for their service. Perhaps, the one biggest reason for it is they offer a wide range of hosting solutions at a competitive price. Business hosting is their new web hosting service that is gaining momentum.

In case you’re looking for a robust hosting environment and are interested in Hostinger business hosting stick to this article till the end. The aim of this review is to find out how reliable their business hosting is. Let’s dive in.

Hostinger Business Hosting Environment

Hostinger business hosting offers cloud computing environment with the simplicity of shared hosting so that even newbies can take advantage of robust hosting features hassle-free. Whether you want to host a heavy-content eCommerce site or a professional blog that is visited by thousands of people from multiple geographical locations, resources provided by business hosting will be sufficient to meet your requirements.

One of biggest advantages of opting for business hosting is that you get an isolated hosting environment which is not shared with hundreds of other users which we usually see in the Shared Hosting. Hostinger’s every server runs on isolated virtual instances which means you will have a total control of all hardware resources such as CPU, RAM, Disk Space. Additionally, you get a separate dedicated IP.

Since all their business hosting plans are hosted on Linux, their service is advanced and secured.

What You Get With Their Business Hosting

Hostinger offers 3 pricing models that you can choose as per your requirements and budget. Each plan is designed to cater to the specific needs. The basic plan, called ‘StartUP’ offers 40 GB disk space, 3 GB RAM and 2 CPU Cores for the price of $15.90. Additional features that are part of every plan are cache manager, isolated resources, uptime monitoring, free SSL certificate and 1 click installer.

The Professional plan is their best selling plan. Maybe because it comes with great features and medium price range. It costs $31.80 for a month and offers 80 GB disk space, 6 GB RAM, and 4 CPU Cores along with additional features that we mentioned above. Its 2X speed makes it the best suitable hosting plan for online stores and heavy traffic sites. Even if you want to expose your business to a global audience, you will not find any difficulty. This plan can handle traffic surges comfortably.

The Enterprise plan not just gives you higher configuration but also offers 3X speed boost. That’s why it is best suited to resource heavy projects and websites. With this plan, you get 160 GB disk space, 12 GB RAM, and 6 CPU cores.

Ease of Use

As we mentioned in the beginning, Hostinger business service is a perfect blend of robust cloud hosting and user-friendly shared hosting, you would not find any difficulty in using it. Overall, the platform is exceptionally easy to use even for newbies.

They have customized their control panel to make it easy for novice users. Unlike traditional cPanel, you will see all the important tools and features placed in the one location. They have segregated different sections for Database files, Website Files, Accounts, Emails, Tools and other features. However, advanced users who are habitual of using traditional control panel may find it an unusual little bit.

Their user-friendliness is not just limited to the control panel only. They offer many tools and features that make overall website building and managing experience great. Their one-click installer is a good example of it. It is an amazing tool available in their control panel that lets users download over 50+ scripts such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento with just few mouse clicks.

Surprising Features

Free SSL certificate

At Hostinger, you get a free SSL certificate with all the business hosting plans. Needless to say, how important it is to keep your website’s data protected nowadays. The sensitive information such as credit/debit card numbers, passwords, and personal details are always on the target of hackers. Luckily, with SSL certificate you can safely encrypt these pieces of information and prevent misuse.
If you’re running a professional website that uses the sensitive information of users you must have this certificate. Even Google warns people not to use a site that is not secured with SSL certificate. So in the competitive world, it would monumental mistake if you don’t get it. Since Hostinger is giving it for free you are saving few dollars for sure.

Daily Backup

When you run a heavy-content site that has a good customer base, it becomes necessary to have a powerful backup system that can create the backup for your entire site. It is burdensome to create a manual backup for a heavy database site every day. Therefore, Hostinger offers automated daily backups that ensure your database and files are safe and sound. With the automated backup system, you don’t need to do anything manually.

24/7 Customer Support

Let’s face it – even advanced users are dependent on a good customer support for small-big issues. Whether you need to switch to premium plan or recover your data, you might need to access customer support. Therefore, you must have a good medium to contact your support team.
Primarily, there are two mediums you can utilize to communicate with Hostinger customer support team (Live chat support and Ticket support).
Their live chat support is available 24/7. That’s why it is an ideal medium to get instant solutions to your queries. While their ticket support may take up to 2-3 hours. The good thing about their customer support is that they support a wide variety of languages that you can choose as per your convenience.

Wrapping Up

Though business hosting is their new service yet they are into hosting industry for more than a decade. They have successfully launched many hosting services such as 000webhost, Hosting24, etc. that is used by millions of people all around the globe. Considering everything together, we can say the Hostinger business hosting is worth trying. Since they are running 30-days money back guarantee program you can cancel your contract within the period, if you don’t find it a good choice. So try it gracefully.

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