How to spot dodgy clients and deal with them

If you’re a designer, especially a freelancer then it’s inevitable that you’ll be dealing with a dodgy client at some point in your career.
This dodgy client might be a non-payer, a game player or maybe someone who just wants to plainly be an arse. Dealing with this type of client can be extremely stressful and saddening especially if you’re a one man band. It’s within this scenario that designers hold their hand out and look for help from other designers because this is when you’re at their weakest.

Never fear help is here.

Chaten Parmar, designer and founder at has dealt with so many troublesome clients that he’s put together a guide on how to spot potentially troublesome clients before they become real troublesome clients for your design business.

Superheroes, Designers, Supervillains & Clients - Spot potentially troublesome clients

The guide is called:

Superheroes, Designers, Supervillains & Clients

– A designers guide to spotting & dealing with troublesome clients
If you’re looking for help on how to deal with a troublesome client or want to know how to avoid them altogether you can download the guide for free.

Superheroes, Designers, Supervillains & Clients - Spot potentially troublesome clients


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