International Invitational Typography Poster Exhibition “CHIRAN”

THE INTERNATIONAL INVITATIONAL TYPOGRAPHY POSTER EXHIBITION “CHIRAN” Opened on March 10, 2015 at Fakhreddin As’ad Gorgani Hall in Gorgan City

More than 300 people including officials, designers, researches and students of visual arts of Gorgan and Golestan province came to the opening. There was three lectures, first by Mr. Saleh Zanganeh (Iranian curator of the exhibition) including a short description about the exhibition, curatorship and invitation process and finally about the execution process. About the selection process and invited designers Saleh mentioned that he tried to select and invite some of the best contemporary designers of Iran that they have concentrated on Persian type and typography in their works during last years who they have had deep impact in current society of Iranian designers. He also expressed how he cooperated with his colleague Mr. Li Xu from China in this great project and also good cultural relationships between China and Iran during a long history. Saleh also mentioned that the main aim of the exhibition is a review of the capabilities of typography in current state of typography poster design in China and Iran.

The second lecturer was Mr. Javad Azimi (One of the well-known artists and lecturers of Gorgan). He also began his lecture with a description about old and historic relationships between two countries and tried to explain a short history about the evolution of Chinese calligraphy and characters. Javad expressed that Chinese people love calligraphy as one of the most important arts in their countries.
The last lecturer was Mr. Mehdi Shahsavar (Tehran-based Art Critic and Designer). In the beginning he tried to compare two famous Chinese and Iranian Movies (Hero directed by Zhang Yimou and Hezar Dastan directed by Ali Hatami) that calligraphy has a special and inevitable role in them. He tried to show how main characters of these movies have a subjective concentrate. Mehdi expressed that a calligrapher or a typographer must care about internal concentration to reach a powerful and influential impact on the viewers.
Between the lectures were also some amusing video clips about the designers and also working process of the executive team. Finally viewers visited the exhibition of typography posters by the invited designers and ate a special cake with CHIRAN sign and some cookies.

The exhibition will be open until March 19 at Fakhreddin As’ad Gorgani Hall, Gorgan / Iran

The exhibition will move on to China, on March 15 to 25, 2015, at the Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts, Shanxi University, Shanxi
Do not miss it!!! For more information, please check here.

Soheil Ghanbar Zadeh
Mohammad Zanganeh
Samira Mirfendereski

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