Interesting Scratched Superimpositions

Claudia Ferrari is an Italian, self-taught Visual Designer and Digital illustrator. She started her job as a graphic designer in 2000 during University. Claudia has worked for important Italian and International companies as Art Director Digital (Samsung, French Polynesia, a lot of Italian Bank institutes etc.)

Claudia’s passion, illustrations, is the result of collage, picking up images from magazines or photos, in an effort το ‘see’ under the smile of models. Scratched Superimpositions and simple combinations of elements, are the bases of her approach.

Check out some of her works here or visit her pdf portfolio ClaudiaFerrari-VisualDesigner


“Tilde” is a little novel wrote by Nicola D’Antrassi: the story of a “Wannabe” young writer.
The phrase inside the illustration is “But Nemo means “Nobody” in latin” (Nemo is the protagonist)



“Proud pain”
These two illustrations speak about how sorrow becomes part of us, of our sense and ourselves. My main goal, in these kind of images, is to communicate the potential power hidden into every tear: from pain to awareness.

NA the-warrior


“How are you?” it seems a very easy and ordinary question. When my world started to fall apart, this was the most difficult question for me: I didn’t get a reply. So I made a selfportrait to express this agony (less words, more facts).

autoritratto1 feeling_confused


The first image is a reminder: Keep one’s feet on the ground!
The second one means: Have faith in what you are (even if you are a strange form of zebra!)

piediperterra BeNatural


Few words spoken by the artist:

“Life starts at 40!” I’m saying this from january, the month of my birthday. Now, it’s time for analysis, questions and a little travel in the past. What I’ve done in my life untill now.. what can I do in the future.. and, above all, why!

When I was young, as every little baby but also as every illustrator, I loved paper, colors, spots but my great passion was to cut out objects from magazines. A necklace, a pair of earrings, a ring… everything could be real if I cut it out (I didn’t have a lot of hobbies as a baby :). I grew In a very pragmatic family, so my creative desire rerouted toward more solid goals. I studied economy, sociology, statistic… and so on. But I’m stubborn and I started to work as a web graphic designer in 2000 and, untill now, I’m still a graphic designer (I’ll die as a graphic deisgner!). I worked for important agencies managing the web image for national and international companies. I founded my own company and for 5 years I was part of a couple of businesswomen’s groups supporting other women in the world of business. I closed my company in 2012 to continue working by myself. After a series of unlucky events I took my scissors and I reclaimed my old hobby. My illustrations are the result of this little travel.


Claudia Ferrari’s portfolio:


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