International Poster Exhibition titled “Ukraine’s War”

The opening ceremony of the International Poster Exhibition titled “Ukraine’s War” along with all the posters received from the invited designers about Ukraine’s War was at the Gallery Online of Borderless Graphic designers Group Website on April 18 – 2022.

80 posters and 45 designers from 21 countries are present at this event.
Some of the posters have been requested by direct invitation to the artists and some others gathered in Collaboration with COW international festival.

This is the name of the designers :
1. Adrian Lis – Romania 2. Alexander Babarik – Ukraine 3. Anna Black – Ukraine 4. Anson Liaw – Canada 5. Chia Hsiang Lee – Taiwan 6. Chikako Oguma – Japan 7. Christian Sarabia_Hagamos el Amor – Mexico 8. Christopher Han – South Korea 9. Daria Łuka – Poland 10. Didier Gérardin – France 11. Dogan Arslan – Turkey 12. Eric Boelts – USA 13. Gonca Arslan – Turkey 14. Helen Baranovska – Ukraine 15. Hitoshi Miura – Japan 16. Joanna Uljasz – Poland 17. Jose Luis Hernandez Chepe – Mexico 18. Kata Kaldor – Hungary 19. Katerina Vorobiova – Ukraine 20. Keith Kitz – USA 21. Kheyrollah Asghari – Iran 22. Koval Anastasia – Ukraine 23. Kye soo Myung – South Korea 24. Luis Veiga – Portugal 25. Luis Yanez – Mexico 26. Malgorzata Bedowska – Poland 27. Marco Natolli – Italy 28. Marek Maciejczyk – Poland 29. Martin Mendelsberg – Usa 30. Muhammad Saleem – Pakistan 31. Mykola Kovalenko – Ukraine 32. Oleg Veklenko – Ukraine 33. Olga Severina – USA 34. Patrycja Longawa – Poland 35. Peng Zuo Biao – Hong kong China 36. Pepo Almonte – Mexico 37. Rafael Ramirez – Mexico 38. Renato Tagli & Sabina Oberholzer – Switzerland 39. Resul ay – Turkey 40. Rrezeart Galica – Kosovo 41. Sha Feng – China 42. SofiGrike – Lithuania 43. Tomaso Marcolla – Italy 44. Tomasz Czyzkowski – Poland 45. Victoria Riabenka – Ukraine

Adrian Lis, Romania


Adrian Lis, Romania


Christopher_Han, South Korea


Katerina Vorobiova, Ukraine


Kheyrollah Asghari, Iran


Marek Maciejczyk, Poland


Patrycja Longawa, Poland


Patrycja Longawa, Poland


Rafael Ramirez, Mexico


SofiGrike, Lithuania


Creator team :
Organizer :
Borderless Graphic Designers Group (BGD)
Project Manager:
Reza Saeedi (Canada)
Exhibition Secretary :
Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi
Visual Identity Designer :
Naser Nasiri
Special thanks to Helen Baranovska

Link Address:
In the Gallery Online of Borderless Graphic designers Group Website

Maria Papaefstathiou

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