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Recently, I stumbled upon a magnificent portfolio in earthy colors, strong characters, and very expressively. This portfolio belongs to an upcoming art star, George Milonas aka Jnk2007 artworks. I had the honor to interview him and learn a little bit more about his creativity.

Built on Lies


George, your artworks are fantastic. How many years are you practicing as a designer?
I started in 2002 on a completely “experimental” basis. In time I made progress and substantially since 2007 I’ve been doing it professionally too.

What inspires you to design?
A strong feeling either positive or negative and the only thing left is to represent and share it.

So, art comes from your heart! What was your first inspiration?
I can’t recall anything specific. It is most likely that it has ended up in the litter-bin and that is because, until I understood the philosophy of graphic design, I created many draft projects, some of which survived and I still keep them to remember how I started.






I am back


Do you think since then, that your art, aesthetic and point of view has matured? What helped you on that?
Yes. In time, there was a more mature progress both in terms of the technique and the conception of an idea. What helped me to change and mature is my constant desire to exceed the limits of myself.

Do you believe you are one more artist in love with art?
My passion for art has now become love.

That is deep feeling George! The earthy colors you use, without crazy contrasts give out a character without mild explosions, but with many sensitivities. Is that really? I noticed that every artist that uses a palette of concrete, finds it difficult to use and create with another. He does not fit into his psyche, can not express his being. Is it true? Do you believe that this is to you, as well?
I very often use earthy and generally more natural colors. Judging by my character, as objectively as I can, I think this is true. This often happens when I design. I might start designing using cold or very bright colors and end up with more natural.




I Know you are there


What do you think about graphic design in the last years?
Without doubt, revolutionary. Graphic design through digital technology has limitless abilities.

What are you thinking for your future?
To continue creating. To continue learning.

What would you advice new designers?
Keep making the world beautiful…

Thank you very much George! So, in my turn, let me wish you … Keep making  our world beautiful…


Art bomb






Help me


Endless Kiss


George Milonas is from Greece, living and working in Thessaloniki for the last 1 year.
His relationship with art generally began during his adolescence, with music. In time George realized that he like design, collages and photography. Then he discovered digital technology and saw that there are much more options. The beginning was made and the progress continues.
George Milonas took part in two exhibitions (Creations and Art Is Hard) in Thessaloniki. He will also participate in Moustache Recycled Festival, which will take place in warehouse C at the area of the port of Thessaloniki, on 26 Μay 2012.
Art is his voice. It’s his need to express by this means situations related to these days through his personal experiences and beliefs. George do not always express the same situations or feelings. He has been asked why his art is so pessimistic, but he believe that through this pessimism a lot of strong and realistic messages come out. Anyone can see it from his own point of view. George’s is this.

“Jnk2007 artworks’ below poster was featured in Icograda’s member newsletter as part of their coverage of World Communication Design Day 2012.” !
Congratulations George!!!



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Human brain


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No Comment


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