Jeff Mills Debuts Things To Come live A/V presented by Jeff Mills Arts Foundation

This Wednesday 25th of September, Jeff Mills will present a unique live show at Gaité Lyrique (Paris) for Les Éveillés, a support organization for refugees.

All the benefits of the entries and the artist fee are donated to the charity organization Paris d’Exil which provides daily material assistance, food, medical, psychological, legal and administrative as well as unconditional support for people exiled. ‘Things to Come’ objective is to create an atmosphere and personal transcending experience that only refers to the positive side of the future and futurism. An excursion into the future. Looking at infinity with positivity.

“Things To Come” is about self-empowerment and the power of the mind. It proposes the idea that our future is determined by how deep and provocatively we think and recognize the World around us. To make modifications and improvements to what we think, what we do and how we see ourselves in the mirror. It is inspired by H.G. Wells story of the same title, but it goes much deeper than that. This version assumes each and every one has the ability to change our circumstances. Like in time itself, there is only one way and that is forward. So, the performance starts off on one side of the stage and finishes on the opposite. Never going back or in reverse, I’ll make my way across various set-ups of equipment, musical instruments and things to create percussive sounds used to emphasize the imagery that supports the concept.
Thinking about how we think is where and when change starts”.
– Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills Art Foundation

Founded in 2018, the Jeff Mills Art Foundation is part of a charitable and supportive approach to addressing cultural, social and educational needs in the music industry. “things to Come” is a creation of Jeff Mills inspired by GH Wells’s eponymous film showing a positive and spiritual vision of the future of the world. What expectations do we have for the future and what are we doing? What ideas and projects offer a positive vision of the future? An exclusive audiovisual show of 1:30 designed for les veillées Électroniques to be immersed into a transcendent atmosphere inspired by the personal experience of the artist and offering a virtuous excursion in the future.

Les Eveillés

Who are they? They were forced to leave their countries of origin for political, religious, climatic, economic or racial. They live in our cities in unacceptable conditions. They are exiled. Organizers and artists committed, aware, volunteers; places that offer their keys and give carte blanche to the creation. They are a collective who wants change through the artistic revolution. They draw on the inexhaustible energy potential of the party.

Maria Papaefstathiou

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