Lithograph Handmade Enhanced Painting by Zoer & Velvet

The third edition by online art gallery Sold Art is a lithograph handmade enhanced painting by Zoer & Velvet.
Following the exhibition L’Etat Limite in Tokyo, curated by Takashi Murakami, Zoer and Velvet spent five days in the URDLA workshop in Villeurbanne (France) to create this lithograph on stone entitled Street Food.

Fascinated by Tokyo’s rich visual culture, architecture and lifestyle, the two French artists have translated what their regard as the characteristic elements of this city into this lithograph. The photographic work they did on that trip was the starting point for composing this genre art scene of the popular kind.
They started by selecting, assembling and cutting their photographs. They then used drawing to create arrangements, priorities and suggestions through their art. The handmade line enhancing technique enriches every lithograph with a new background and new details gravitating in the composition, thus changing
the view on each work and making each piece unique.
This edition project represented for Velvet & Zoer the opportunity to discover this printing process. Drawing with a lithographic crayon and never coming into physical contact with the stone was a challenge for the artists, a new way of conceiving the drawing technique.
Street food works like a tribute to Japanese prints, or ukiyo-e, which revealed the lifestyle and new culture of the urban and mercantile society of the Edo period.

Zoer & Velvet drawing on the lithographic limestone
Photo credits: Nicolas Royol – ROYX

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zoer_velvet_street_food_lithographie_CSX_stone_lithograph_urdla_graffiti_process_zoerism_soldart_edition_royx_nicolas_royol_1 zoer_velvet_street_food_lithographie_CSX_stone_lithograph_urdla_graffiti_process_zoerism_soldart_edition_royx_nicolas_royol_2 zoer_velvet_street_food_lithographie_CSX_stone_lithograph_urdla_graffiti_process_zoerism_soldart_edition_royx_nicolas_royol_5 zoer_velvet_street_food_lithographie_CSX_stone_lithograph_urdla_graffiti_process_zoerism_soldart_edition_royx_nicolas_royol_15 zoer_velvet_street_food_lithographie_CSX_stone_lithograph_urdla_graffiti_process_zoerism_soldart_edition_royx_nicolas_royol_16 zoer_velvet_street_food_lithographie_CSX_stone_lithograph_urdla_graffiti_process_zoerism_soldart_edition_royx_nicolas_royol_17 zoer_velvet_street_food_lithographie_CSX_stone_lithograph_urdla_graffiti_process_zoerism_soldart_edition_royx_nicolas_royol_18 zoer_velvet_street_food_lithographie_CSX_stone_lithograph_urdla_graffiti_process_zoerism_soldart_edition_royx_nicolas_royol_19 zoer_velvet_street_food_lithographie_CSX_stone_lithograph_urdla_graffiti_process_zoerism_soldart_edition_royx_nicolas_royol_20 zoer_velvet_street_food_lithographie_CSX_stone_lithograph_urdla_graffiti_process_zoerism_soldart_edition_royx_nicolas_royol_23 zoer_velvet_street_food_lithographie_CSX_stone_lithograph_urdla_graffiti_process_zoerism_soldart_edition_royx_nicolas_royol_24 zoer_velvet_street_food_lithographie_CSX_stone_lithograph_urdla_graffiti_process_zoerism_soldart_edition_royx_nicolas_royol_25 zoer_velvet_street_food_lithographie_CSX_stone_lithograph_urdla_graffiti_process_zoerism_soldart_edition_royx_nicolas_royol_26

Sold Art collaborates with professional photographer Nicolas Royol, a.k.a. ROYX.
His photographic approach made it possible to capture the key moments in the creation of a lithograph. His pictures are bathed in the gentle light of the UrdLA workshop.


Zoer & Velvet / Street food from Sold Art • Gallery & Publisher on Vimeo.

Zoer & Velvet – Street food
One-colour lithograph on stone, embellished by
the artists. Size: 120 x 80 cm. Edition of 15.
Signed and numbered by the artists. Printed on
300g/sq.m BFK rives Vellum paper with fringes
on the borders (100% cotton).
Sold with a certificate of authenticity.
Available on


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