Magnetism | Exhibition of Amazing Posters by Students


The Exhibition of Selected Posters by the Students of Saleh Zanganeh
Fakhreddin As’ad Gorgani Hall / Gorgan / Iran / January 6 to 10, 2013

It was about 3 months ago at 3 O’clock in the evening. The students and I (Saleh Zanganeh) planned to practice and design 3 posters projects during the semester: Illustration Posters, Photomontage Posters and Typographic Posters. But in fact it was not just a practice for us! Maybe it’s better to say that during this semester we thought through posters, observed through posters and actually we lived with posters!The students learned how they can transform their feelings, emotions and thoughts through pictures especially posters to the viewers and make a connection with them. I also tried to select the subjects that are the most important problems of our modern world. Social subjects like Human and Nature, Peace and War and some social proverbs for typographic posters. They also learned what the beginning point is in designing a poster, how they can make their ideas and make a slogan for it, how literature and philosophy can help them to find their ideas and slogans and then how they can transform them to the pictures especially in the composition of a poster, how and what the relations are between the picture and type, does the type repeat the meaning of the picture or is it only as a complementary element!?, how can we observe the type as a pictorial element and mix it to the picture to reach a unique whole and so many other factors that can make a poster a masterpiece!

Days passed one by one and also thoughts from our brain. Now, here are the results and outputs. Poster was very interesting for us as much as we call our exhibition “Jazebeh” (Magnetism or attraction). We also wish it can attract the attention of the viewers!

Special thanks to Mrs. Mohaddeseh Mansoori Razi for her kindly support.

~ Saleh Zanganeh


Organizer: Golestan Higher Education Center
Designer of the above poster: Saleh Zanganeh
Photographer of the opening ceremony: Mohammad Zanganeh


Here are some of the posters that have been created by “two-years undergraduate graphic design students” of Golestan Higher Education Center


Zeinab Haghighi
Zeinab Haghighi
Afsaneh Jafari
Khadijeh Makhdoomi
Khadijeh Makhdoomi
Benyamin Radmard
Benyamin Radmard
Amirhosein Hedayatifar
AmirHossein Hedayatifar
Elham Shams abadi
Elham shams abadi
Fatemeh Dezej
Fatemeh Hosseinzadeh
Nazanin Askari
Reza Ghorbani
Reza Ghorbni
Maryam Moghadasi
Maryam Moghadasi
Majid Ahmdi
Majid Ahmadi
Majid Ahmadi
Masoud Taghanpour
Talayeh Farah
Zahra Soltani
Sakine Noori
Danial Amini
Hamideh Yazarloo
Maliheh Bahrami
Abbasali Roshani
AbbasAli Roshani
Amin Bagheri
Amin Bagheri
Hadi Khanpour
Moazameh Hoseini
Parastoo Yaghoobi
Mobina Arabnezhad
Nasim Hoseini
Nasim Khalili
Roghaye Hosseiniw



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