Meet Mabi an Argentine Illustrator with a Wild and Realistic Style

Mabi studied a career in dance and movement arts, in the city of Porteña Buenos Aires, and graduated at 18. In 2011 Mabi realized her innate talent and started as a hobby to draw graffiti and portraits. When she put some conventional drawings on an international artist promotion page her first clients, like Zara Spain, paid notice of her work and commissioned her.
Some of Mabi’s fashion clients are UAL: London College of fashion, designers Rachael Cassar, Titania Inglis, Barbara I Gongini, and Charles Youssef. She has also done commercial work in stationery as a rapport for customers in Asia.
Mabi collaborated on a series of illustrations for underground musicians, the music that she likes most, with a friend OG and mates of the bands, Bad Brains HR, Louchi of Suicidal Tendencies, Norw of Fishbone; skateboards, and vinyl records seen on apple music.
Mabi’s style is experimental, a kind of realism with sketch lines, dry, with digital editions. Incorporates letters, botany, and dripping. “I think that influences and art movements should be discovered in work done over time, and not upside down, should not be forced for taste, so identified with: magical realism art, surrealism, neo-expressionism, art brut, lowbrow,” she told to Graphic Art News.
More recently she has also been working in conventional works with recycled materials, which she likes, but this project is still somewhat anonymous.

Check out some of Mabi’s works below or visit her website here.

Gucci: Illustration inspired by the current Gucci brand and their ecologist movement, and the usual colors in their collections.


Girls with goth styles. Mabi likes so much the gothic style, the story, and the message it expresses. She sees it as very poetic. With the touch of the crystal that is mystical to her.


The series of unfinished faces, of punk hairstyles: Afropunk, Skinheadpunk, Punk goth, New Wave punk. Mabi believes that hair is a way of manifesting counterculture as the clothing, with or without money-mark styling the personality, it is communicational, social, cultural and personal.


Rasta Illustrations: Rasta Women, Rasta culture has interested Mabi from a very young age. Their spirituality, rebellion, their beauty, their intelligent way they have to seek mental consciousness in the middle of this consuming world and fast, as in fashion, and other industries. It’s a ground wire for her.


Designer fashion sketches, of her preference. Each time that Mabi draws sketches, researches everything about designers, their history, and life. In the case of Vivienne Westwood, who is one of her favorites, she loves her way of life, her activism, and that is the designer of the sex pistols.


Unicorn: She’s a shy punk girl, who carries on her own cross and is a very fashionable street.


Illustrations inspired by the mountains where Mabi lives. Mabi is very reserved in her private life, but she has been illustrating more about who she is and her environment. These works are illustrated memories of small moments.

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