Nailing their Colours to the Mask | IdN v22n1: Colour and Graphics

You’ll be stunned by this, probably our most colourful issue ever! We kick off with a major feature on 9 leading creatives who have made a name for themselves with their exuberant approach to colour. Read why — and how — they handle it.

Feature: Colours Special
Time to show your true colours

Whatever your favourite colour may happen to be, you’ll almost certainly find it somewhere in this illustrated feature, which is dedicated to those designers who are in love with colour – either just a select few hues or the whole rainbow gamut.
IdN has gathered together 9 experts in tints and tones, pigments and dyes. Reading what they have to say on the matter could give you some valuable insights when it comes to colour-coordinating your own work. And whether you agree or disagree, one thing’s for sure – you are in for a visual treat.

Anagrama | Marta Gawin | Carnovsky | Feixen | Eddie Perrote | Anymade Studio | Maser | Maud Vantours | Rocket & Wink


Motion Gallery: Glitch
Gumming up the works or a glorious accident?

A glitch, in computer-designer terms, is essentially a technological foul-up, but some creatives find the unintended outcome so visually attractive that they work it into the overall project. A serendipitous discovery, in other words. And thus has been born a whole new sub-genre of the art. We talk to four designers who have mastered the magic of making glitches in their videos work for them – and now they can’t live without them! Here they explain what it is about these happy accidents that make them so compelling.

BRDG | Gero Doll | Ploomers | United Logotypes and more!


Creative Country: Mexico
A Warm Welcome for the new Mexican Wave!

More colours! From a country that is known for its colourful lifestyle – as expressed in its passionate music and dance, a flamboyant dress sense, highly decorative buildings, fiery food, drop-of-a-sombrero partying. But Mexico’s designers are having a tough time adjusting to the competitive rough-and-tumble of the Internet after decades of seeing its indigenous style subsumed by neighbouring North and South America. Can they break through and establish their own identity in today’s increasingly globalised world? They’re going to give it a damned good shot. As Speedy Gonzales used to say: “Andele! Andele!”

Menosunocerouno | MASA | Face | Marina Zertuche | Futura | Tania Alvarez Zaldivar



Simon Laliberte & Atelier BangBang | Grey Canada | Fort Standard | Carlos Higuera | Marx Design | Character SF | Alisha Bube | Domenico Ruffo | Eggplant Factory | Studio Chapeaux



Pepper & Cinnamon | Fundamental Studio | CCRZ

Et cetera
Pick of the Month

Squint Opera | Brigitte LA | The New Art-Form | Yoon Hyup | SFU Italia Design | J Plus


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Motion Gallery: Glitch
Feature: Colours Special
Creative Country: Mexico
Et cetera/Pick of the Month

92 pages
5 varying paper stocks
4C process + matt lamination + spot UV
Online access to included
ISSN (English Edition): 1029 4805
ISSN (Chinese Edition): 1029 4813

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