Nick Frank loves Architecture! Amazing sights!

Nick Frank is a 39-year-old autodidact photographer with a unique ‘eye’ that gives to his photos an artistic and unusual view. Looking at his pictures you can see his love and admiration in architecture. You can’t miss and not adrmire the colorful, bold pictures, the angles that give a wholly new perspective and the freshness of his work. We read from his website.

What is the story and thoughts behind your work?

It’s about self-discovery, finding something new or to interpret it differently, change the own point of view, leaving the rhythm and the usual paths. It’s about time, places, moments, but also technology. My photography is not about showing the reality, it is always my personal subjective view.

“The reality of which we can speak is never the reality itself, but a reality designed by us.” – Werner Heisenberg (german Physician, Nobel price 1932)

From the series, “Space & Beyond“.



Arrivals, departures, meetings, the clash of different people… Subway stations are more than just a central location for travellers. In fact, they represent the lively background for everyday life and drama while offering intimate insight: first a heartbreaking farewell, then a joyful welcome: a location that serves as a stage for personal plays. Until the curtain comes down and night falls, when night slowly becomes day, when the sound of voices grows silent, when the frequency of visitors falls below a minimum level… Right then and there, SUBWAYS tell their individual stories that come alive with impressive photographs – creating a scenario that gets under your skin. When dynamics turn into evanescence and silence, you have to capture the moment! Join us on a journey to the subway stations of the world!

Limited prints in different sizes available!

NF_London_Underground_0001 NF_London_Underground_0002 NF_London_Underground_0005 NF_Munich_subway_0001 NF_Munich_subway_0002 NF_Munich_subway_0003 NF_Munich_subway_0004 NF_Munich_subway_0005 NF_Munich_subway_0007


What is beauty? A rusty street lamp which has not lit up a road in a while. Buildings made out of prefabricated concrete in the middle of nowhere. Faded drainage pipes covered with rust and dust.

“Farbraum” offers evidence that beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Everyday objects perceived as ugly by society are suddenly moved into a new light by extracting colors – and even more: by leaching and overlapping colored accents of the motif it gains an additional dimension. The color stripes with the isolated main color and four secondary colors of the image finally show a greater variance within the image: the variance of depth. Objects turn tangible and vivid.


Farbraum_CB_001 Farbraum_CB_002 Farbraum_CB_003 Farbraum_CB_004 Farbraum_CB_005 Farbraum_CB_007



Colors, forms and lines … urban exploration in Munich – 2012
limited 60 x 60 cm prints available for the collection.

Mira_0001 Mira_0002 Mira_0003 Mira_0004 Mira_0005 Mira_0006


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