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Absolute Bottle Design

The bottle of Absolute Vodka has been inspired from a medicine bottle design, in an antique shop. The lettering that was chosen was blue because it was so visible and…


Absolut Poster Design

The company TBWA was the one that created one of the most successful, and longest running, campaigns. The idea came to South African art director Geoff Hayes while in the…


15 superb Minimalist Posters

by Ibraheem Youssef, a Toronto based Designer   by Vasilis Magoulas aka Vamadesign, a Greek Graphic Designer   by Giorgos Strouzas, a Greek Graphic Designer   by Jenny Chalkia, a…


Creative Bottles | Package Design

Barn Buster Wine Designed by Victoria Abrami, United States. The redesign of Yarraman Estate’s Barn Buster wines. Each individual bottle represents a unique flavor and embodies a race horse like…

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