Playing Arts: Edition Zero

Top illustrators, artists and motion designers team up to create a unique deck of playing cards animated in Augmented Reality.

1 February 2019 — Leading illustrators, artists and motion designers from around the world have teamed up to create what could be the world’s most unique deck of playing cards.

It all started about seven years ago, when the team behind Digital Abstracts magazine came up with the idea to create a deck of playing cards where each card will be illustrated by a different international artist in their own individual style and technique. From the two of clubs by Timba Smits to the ace of spades by Fill Ryabchikov, each participant has illustrated a single card in their own individual style. The deck was released in a limited edition and was quickly sold out. This year they are bringing it back, powering by beautiful animations from today’s leading motion and even sound designers.

What makes Playing Arts Edition Zero deck even more special is that it is the first-ever set of illustrated playing cards which can be experienced through Augmented Reality. All the animations made for these decks will be placed in AR mobile app, so the lucky owners will be able to enjoy moving illustrations while holding cards right in their hands!

First animations are ready and look just stunning. Together with all playing card designs they can be found on the projects website: Playing Arts is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for the printing and production of this deck. Campaign smashed it’s funding goal in just one hour and now more than 700% funded. Get your very own copy of this gorgeous deck for just $17 –

2 of Hearts

Illustration: Sara Blake –
Photo: @cardsareart –

2 of Spades

Illustration: Raul Urias –
Photo: @cardcollections09 –

3 of Clubs

Illustration: Your Majesty –
Photo: @fabiendefaucheux –

3 of Diamonds

Illustration: 2Advanced Studios –
Photo: @keshav_mongia –

4 of Diamonds

Illustration: Kervin W Brisseaux –
Photo: @khuong.yu –

5 of Clubs

Illustration: Sorin Bechira –
Photo: @eddycava_ –

6 of Clubs

Illustration: Vitalik Sheptuhin –
Photo: @cecoful –

6 of Diamonds

Illustration: Matei Apostolescu –
Photo: @cecoful –

6 of Hearts

Illustration: Pat Perry –
Photo: @cardcollections09 –

6 of Spades

Illustration: Design Is Dead –
Photo: @cardcollections09 –

7 of Clubs

Illustration: Sebastian Onufszak –
Photo: @cardsareart –

8 of Clubs

Illustration: Andreas Preis –
Photo: @brycemcraig –

8 of Diamonds

Illustration: Valp –
Photo: @cardcollections09 –

8 of Hearts

Illustration: Géraldine Georges –
Photo: @magico.gustavosereno –

9 of Clubs

Illustration: Lucas Camargo –
Photo: @playingcardart –

9 of Diamonds

Illustration: Ari Weinkle –
Photo: @playingarts –

10 of Clubs

Illustration: Magomed Dovjenko –
Photo: @alexmusulev –

10 of Hearts

Illustration: Adhemas Batista –
Photo: @fabiendefaucheux –

10 of Spades

Illustration: Simplevector –
Photo: @alexmusulev –


Illustration: Kenny Lindström –
Photo: @fabiendefaucheux –

King of Clubs

Illustration: James White –
Photo: @brycemcraig –

King of Hearts

Illustration: João Oliveira –
Photo: @cardsareart –

King of Spades

Illustration: Mr. Kone –
Photo: @cardcollections09 –

Queen of Hearts

Illustration: Jules –
Photo: @cardcollections09 –

Queen of Spades

Illustration: Michael Molloy –
Photo: @fabiendefaucheux –

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