PLUME – Free brush font

The font PLUME was made by Krisjanis Mezulis  alongside his masters degree sketches about the concept of connections. Connections that you notice and the other ones that you don’t. Small things that define our world.

PLUME comes with all the latin characters you need, all the letters numbers and symbols. Brushed on a plastic surface with a thick brush that leaves a unique splash on the lettering.

PLUME is a Free brush font that you can download from here.
Please share your love if you like the font.

plume-presentation2_01 plume-presentation2_02 plume-presentation2_03 plume-presentation2_04 plume-presentation2_05plume-free-brush-font-10plume-free-brush-font-1 plume-free-brush-font-6plume-free-brush-font-2 plume-free-brush-font-16plume-free-brush-font-18plume-free-brush-font-4  plume-free-brush-font-8plume-free-brush-font-12plume-free-brush-font-7    plume-free-brush-font-13 plume-free-brush-font-15  plume-free-brush-font-17plume-free-brush-font-14

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