Posterheroes Call for Entries for Humans At Work

“Humans at work”: the new call of Posterheroes is inviting the international creative community to share their message about the future of work. PLUG Association and Favini are launching the ninth edition of the international contest of posters, sparking the debate on the future of work.

The call of the international contest Posterheroes: Humans at work is open. This is the ninth edition of the contest of posters promoted by the Italian cultural association PLUG and FAVINI, the leading global producer of innovative graphics specialities for the packaging of products.

The world of work, in the recent decades, has been involved in a very rapid transformative process and it has been influenced, on a global level, by a wide range of factors, with specific consequences in different territorial areas. The organizers of the contest are inviting the international creative community to express its message on the main implications of work: potentiality and risks of technology, work quality and work-life balance, fair work and non-discriminating policies, environmental and social sustainability and economic migrants.

Posterheroes aims at promoting an open debate on the concept of “decent work“. In collaboration with the Learning Innovation Program of ITC-ILO, the International Labour Organisation (the specialized agency of the United Nations that deals with promoting internationally recognized social justice and human rights), the organizers PLUG and FAVINI intend to promote a positive scenario in which employment is carried out in conditions of freedom, equality, security and human dignity.

Like the previous editions, the creative community is mustered to express its message through a 70×100 cm poster. Participants will have the chance to submit their poster on from January, 27 until March 13, 2020.

Posterheroes keeps encouraging a positive reflection, giving value to social sustainability and inviting professional graphic designers and aspiring ones to consider it as a resource for building the communities of the future.

The renewed partnership between PLUG and FAVINI shows the commitment to promoting graphic design as a significant tool and amplifies the communication potentialities of the contest.

An international selection panel, composed by some of the most relevant professionals and artists of the visual communication field, will select the 40 best posters, that will become part of exhibitions, events and editorial projects curated by PLUG Association. The organizers will choose the first classified, who will win a cash prize of 2.500€. Participants can download the brief and the regulation on the official website of the contest.

“This year Posterheroes has a new cultural supporter. Since we aim at raising awareness on the notion of equality and decent work, combining it with the themes related to the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, we chose to involve the International Labour Organisation (ILO). In its activity, ILO aims at promoting a positive scenario in which employment is carried out in conditions of freedom, equality, security and human dignity for men and women, with self-respect, in well-being and guaranteeing personal development for each human being, key requirements for the achievement of sustainable development and social justice.

For these reasons, our association and our partner Favini have decided to enhance the impact of their work through a valuable collaboration.” Christian Racca, President of PLUG.




PLUG is a cultural non-profit association dealing with social and environmental issues.

It aims at sparking a public debate, promoting strong and powerful messages, influencing people’s lifestyle by spreading the most important aspects of social and environmental sustainability.

The association, founded in 2010, develops and promotes cultural and artistic projects, events, conferences and workshops in a global network.

Favini Srl

Favini is a worldwide leader in the design and production of textures and finishing solutions for eco-leather for fashion, luxury, design, IT and technical sportswear sectors. Favini is also a leading global producer of graphics specialities – natural fibres-based (cellulose, algae, fruits, leather etc.) – for the packaging of luxury and fashion industry sectors. It also operates in the converting products industry sector that includes activities related to the creation and production of stationery for school, leisure and office, for high-end market.



Maria Papaefstathiou

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