Red Posters Anniversary


In November 9 to 12, 2013, Sooreh Gallery of Alborz Arts Club hosted a poster exhibition under the title: “Red Posters Anniversary“. The exhibition consisted of 31 posters from 31 Iranian graphic designers from 13 provinces of Iran with the theme of “Ashoura”.

‘Ashura is the day Imam Husayn and his supporters were martyred at the Battle of Karbala. Bleeding, disembodied hands fresh from the battle make several symbolic gestures, such as pointing an index finger to indicate the oneness of God and forming a “V” for victory. The following poster is dated in 1978, and presents the Shi’i symbolic belief that defiance and faith in God, even in death, will secure ultimate triumph.


Poster of the “Red Posters Anniversary” Exhibition announcement by artist Saleh Zanganeh

Few words on “Red Posters Anniversary”
“Ashoura” is about an historical and religious event for the Muslim people around the world especially Shia ones! It’s about battle of Ashoura. Ashoura means 10th. 10th day in the month of Muharram, in Arabic and Islamic months. For Shia Muslims it’s about martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad and the third Shia Imam, along with 72 members of his family and close friends at the Battle of Karbala in the year 61 AH (680 AD).

Sunni means Traditional, someone who is traditional in following Islamic rules and try not to follow the other laws that came into the society after prophet Muhammad (Sallalah).
Shia means Follower, someone who follows prophet Muhammad through him and his family’s Islamic instructions. Shia people say that prophet Muhammad said his followers that follows his family after his death, he said: I will remain two important things between you untill we visit each other again in the other world (judgement day). Please keep them safe and sound… That two important things were Koran (Muslims Holy Book) and His Family (in that period they were 4 people: Ali (Muhammad’s groom and his cousin), Fatemeh (Mohammad’s daughter and their children Hasan and Husein) (and after them their generation we call them “Imam” that they are 12 persons from Ali to Mehdi (Sallalah)… Shia believe that after prophet most of the people didn’t do his advice and they made and followed another system of government called Khalifeh system that Khalifeh or the leader was the people who was older and had most experiences…
Αbout 61 years later, Khalifeh of the time Yazid, killed Husein (Sallalah) second grandson of Muhammad and most of his family and friends that were about 72 persons including men, women and even children in a brutal and barbaric and unequal way! Τhe days of the anniversary of that sadness moments for Shia people Iranian designers created a poster exhibition that is called Red Posters Anniversary, because of that bloody unfair battle!

I wish to thank here Saleh Zanganeh for his will to help me and my readers to understand the “Red Posters Anniversary”.  

Enjoy at GraphicArt-news the online exhibition:

Masoud Nejabati

Kourosh Parsanejad

Amir Abdolhoseini

Abolfazl Aghayee

Kazem Khorasani

Shahriar Asadi

Mohammad Ardalani

Saleh Zanganeh

Meysam Khalvandi

Seyed Mehdi Mousavi

Farhoud Moghaddam

Ali Agha Hoseinpour

Kourosh Sharif

Jamaleddin Ramazani

Morteza Rahmati

Vahid Bahrami

Mojtaba Ghahramani

Erfan Kamali

Alireza Biaelahi

Nasir Bashiri

Mehdi Hoseini

Ali Del Zendehroudi

Mohammad Reza Hafezi

Ahmad Khan Babayee

Alireza Moazemi Goudarzi

Alireza Bakhtiari

Hedayat Alipour

Masoud Zarouni

Hamid Aghdasi Yazdeli

Mohammad Reza Farahani

Mohammad Ali Entezari


Curator: Meysam Khalvandi
Executive Secretary: Mehdi Hoseini
Poster Designer: Saleh Zanganeh


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