Shadows After Dark – International Poster Competition on Human Trafficking

Intl. Reggae Poster Contest announces their next poster competition. Shadows After Dark – International Poster Competition on Human Trafficking.

The International Reggae Poster Contest, VP Records, the Jamaican Ministry of National Security and several Reggae artists are all collaborating, for the first time, on the global issue of human trafficking. The Jamaica National Task Force Against Trafficking In Persons (NATFATIP) has lent its support to this timely competition. The Task Force was established in 2005 as a multi-agency enterprise with a mandate to strengthen Jamaica’s legislative, institutional and operational capacity to combat Trafficking in Persons.

“You can see a man’s face but not his heart.”

The recruiting, transporting, transferring, receiving and harbouring of a person by force, coercion or other means for the purpose of exploitation are all gross violations of human rights. Human trafficking is a reality in Jamaica and worldwide. The two main forms of human trafficking in Jamaica are for sexual exploitation and forced labour. NATFATIP’s core emphases are the prevention and suppression of trafficking in persons, the prosecution of offenders, and the protection and provision of assistance to victims of trafficking.

“There are steps that all of us can take towards ending human trafficking. We, the designers, begin by using art to educate and spread awareness of the issue. I believe in a future where no one falls victim to human trafficking.” Maria Papaefstathiou, International Reggae Poster Contest co-founder, says.


December 1, 2020 to April 20, 2021.

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Jury Panel

Antonio Castro/USA, Dr. Arafat Al-Naim/United Arab Emirates, Byoung Il-Sun/Korea, Chaz Maviyane-Davis/Zimbabwe, Claudia Tello/Mexico, Donnette Cooper/USA, Elizabeth Resnick/USA, Hosein Mohammadi Vahidi/Iran, Kathiana Cardona/Venezuela, Lila Skanavi/Greece, Mary Anne Pennington/USA, Mehdi Saeedi/Iran, Naandeyé García Villegas/Mexico, Onur Aşkin/Turkey, Rikke Hansen/Denmark, Susana Machicao/Bolivia, Tomoko Miyagawa/Japan, Yossi Lemel/Israel, Zhijun Wang/China

Get Inspired

The Competition is being held in support of the song “Shadows After Dark,” released on November 27th, 2020 by VP Records to raise awareness of Human Trafficking through visual art. The song encourages all of us to be careful about who we trust. Produced by Reggae star Alborosie, and featuring performances by Christopher Martin, Romain Virgo, Dean Fraser, Duane Stephenson, Kabaka Pyramid, Etana, Tarrus Riley, Kumar, Morgan Heritage, Raging Fyah and Sandy Smith, the song is designed to attract a global audience.

About the Shadows After Dark – International Poster Competition Alborosie says, “Visual art and sonic art are powerful together. Working together means that we can save one more child or one more person from harm and that is good.”

Shadows After Dark
Reggae Artists United


Maria Papaefstathiou

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