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Matadog™ Design is a versatile, trail-blazing creative studio with experience in packaging and branding. Matadog’s work targets domestic and global markets as their design firm cooperates with brands around the world. Their different way of thinking, combined with design strategy and advanced idea generation methods with attention to detail, produces innovative ideas not hesitating to explore uncharted water with the aim of providing unique solutions and a goal to build brands that last.

What I believe to be one of the most invaluable elements to Matadog’ s work is their clear view on how creativity and packaging principles can serve our marketing philosophy. Nickos Salavrakos, Brand Manager, Stafidenios

Matadog design took on this big challenge and set out to do a lot of work and research to pull off this challenging project since the kids’ raisins category is nonexistent in Greece.
The design process took almost 6 months. The commission was to design Stafidenios® brand, Investigate and identify the packaging for Stafidenios®, design a gift inside the package that would be a real lure for parents and kids, the packaging should be small enough to easily fit into the palm of a kid’s hand. I believe they came up with a very cool unique design. Take a look at some interesting bullets of their case study below or visit their website for more.


Brand Identity Design

A custom type was designed for the Logotype and was color divided into “Stafid” which means raisin in Greek and “enios” which is the name of the company. The style of the logo is playful. The color division of “Stafid” was made on purpose so that the consumer would instantly, in less than a few seconds’ time, recognize the content of the box.


A custom font family was designed to afford distinctiveness and readability of the small box

MTDG Antonia Regular- Customised  Stafidenios brand font


Character Design

The visual character of “Stafidenios” had to be sweet and relaxing. After many sketches and a lot of research on a small focus group of parents and kids, the final casual style character was selected.


Packaging Design / Structural Design

The major disadvantage to paper toy techniques was that the user would have to use a blade cutter and glue. That was a big disadvantage if we wanted to go the conventional way. Not all families have free time, blade cutters, glue and the paraphernalia at home or while moving around. In the absence of these, the toy construction would be infeasible. On top of that, it would be such a bind for parents to have their kids pestering them to construct the paper toy as that would mean a waste of considerable time and effort.



Development of the chosen design concept in detail, matching the production requirements and visualisatons.

10 different paper toys were identified that could be constructed so that each pack would have a different toy. A lot of technical limitations were encountered that had to be considered and overcome, ranging from paper, artwork, to die cutting limitations because of the box size.


How paper toy technique for packaging use was adapted

Then, Matadog team had to design the artwork of the paper toys based on each structural and an instruction leaflet for each toy. They designed 10 different heroes/paper toys. Stafidenios, Stafidenia, Cat, Dog, Panda, Parrot, Penguin, Turtle, Monkey and Kangaroo. A classic character look was the ideal, avoiding extreme character graphics because of the target group.



Artwork, production support & quality control. Design Patent Application


Final product


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