Sweetbread Project by Ugo Gattoni and Mcbess

Sweetbread is the result of a week of artistic residency with Ugo Gattoni and Mcbess at the URDLA print shop, located in Villeurbanne. For seven days, the two artist friends ate together, drew together, cooked together, laughed together, and created this stone lithography entitled Sweetbread.
This residency was the occasion for Ugo Gattoni and Mcbess to immerse themselves and experience one of the major themes of their illustrations – food.

On the first day, Ugo Gattoni and Mcbess bought local products at the Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse. Photo credits: Nicolas Royol – ROYX
A few clarifications on the sketch made on an iPad. Photo credits: Nicolas Royol – ROYX


The two artists had a project in mind for some time; to be isolated for a week, surrounded by heaps of food, while creating a work together. Following the first collaboration with Sold Art (an etching entitled Sybille’s bath), Ugo Gattoni made the suggestion of this project with Mcbess. The artistic process interested he art editor, so they decided to organize and accompany them in this residency in the URDLA Villeurbanne print shop.

Details of the banquet prepared by the artists. Photo credits: Nicolas Royol – ROYX
Ugo Gattoni starting to eat in the URDLA workshop. Photo credits: Nicolas Royol – ROYX




Food is a passion and a source of inspiration for their illustrations. The two artists, who live in London and Paris, regularly meet and cook, eat, and share ideas around food. This residency was an opportunity for them to go deeper on the subject and to discover Lyon, known for its gastronomy and local products.
















Sweetbread was built around this pool of food.
Ugo Gattoni’s diving platform and Mcbess’s sausage machine were done later. The two artists then decorated the work with elements of their own style.
The work is a form of representation of an imaginary paradise. Ugo Gattoni and Mcbess gathered in Sweetbread the array of their personal pleasures, both physical and intellectual. This surreal scene and festive atmosphere are their way of conveying these moments they shared during this week of residency.










Ugo Gattoni & Mcbess – Sweetbread
Original lithograph 1 colour
Format: 56 x 76 cm
Number of copies: 30
Signed and numbered by the two artists
Printed on Velin paper with fringed edges, BFK
Rives 250g/sq.m. (100% cotton)
Sold with a certificate of authenticity

Available on www.soldart.com







Ugo Gattoni was born in 1988 in Vitry-sur-Seine (France). After obtaining a graphic design degree in 2010 (with subjects such as publishing, visual communication, and typography), he devoted himself to a large-scale personal project. During six months, he worked on a 10 m long and 1.2 m high fresco in rotring ink, resulting in an exhibition entitled “Ultra copains” at Galerie Surprise. Ugo Gattoni’s work stood out thanks to this project, and his book “Bicycle”, published in 2012 by Nobrow on the occasion of the London Olympics. He collaborated with major brands such as Hermes, Rolex, Pierre Frey, Ruinart, Céline, the New York Times.
The starting point of his drawings is often a story, which is developed along the project. Ugo Gattoni always grants careful attention to the many details in his drawings. He uses his imagination to give birth to surreal scenes mixing body parts, still life, and architecture. Besides paper, Ugo is a curious artist working on other techniques, other materials, with a particular interest for arts and craft.


Matthew Bessudo aka Mcbess was born in July 1984 in Cannes (France). From a young age, he was fond of music, especially percussion, which he studied for 8 years before the guitar became his favourite instrument. In 2002, he entered the Supinfocom higher school of Animation of Arles. For his final project study, he, Lassance Douglas, and Jonathan Vuillemin made a short animated film entitled Sigg Jones, which was very successful beyond the school, and influenced other film directors. He moved to London in 2007, and worked for seven years as a director at The Mill, an agency specialized in special effects.
In 2010, he and some friends founded the Dudes Factory, a brand combining their shared love of music, art, clothing, and food, around a concept store/bar/restaurant located in Berlin. In parallel, Mcbess continued to play music, and founded in 2011 with his brother Tristan the band Dead Pirates. From 2012, Mcbess worked with brands such as Nike, Deezer, Jack Daniel’s, enabling him to focus on more personal projects later. His graphic universe and influences evolved. His characters from old American cartoons of the 50s such as Betty Boop or the Merry Melodies interract in surreal scenes related to his favorite subjects: music and gastronomy.


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