Teen Art Awards Competition 2023

Teen Art Awards is the first international prize in the field of contemporary art for teenagers. The prize was created in St.Petersburg as a project of the art.coordinate (art.coordinate.com)
Foundation for the Support and Development of Contemporary Art. Teen Art Awards is not just a competition aimed at revealing bright and young artists, but also a platform that promotes the professional growth and development of original and ambitious creative teenagers thanks to the support and assistance of the art community.

Season 2 theme

The theme for the second season: “Sustainable World: Future Society through the Prism of Art”.

What is Sustainable World? A sustainable world is a fresh perspective on things that are already familiar. It is a world built by man and aimed at uniting nature with him. It is important for us to define our own sustainable world, where people can enjoy nature and not destroy it with their activities, where people can build a healthy society and live in harmony with each other.

In your work, you have to answer the question: how do I want to see the world of the future? You can depict one or two aspects, telling everything through the prism of art:

– relationships between people;

– life in and outside the megacity: the interrelation of human beings, nature, and modern technology.

We’re sure that the best ideas you turn into art today will become successful startups tomorrow or launch successful careers in art. And the basis for a new world, of course.
The laureates’ exhibition will take place in the SEE Institute Dubai Sustainable City space in March 2024.

Teenagers from 13-17 years old:
– Teens ages 13 to 17, inclusive, who are engaged in creative activities are invited to participate;
– Art schools and art institutes may also send applications for creative groups.

Participation is free.

Contest Nominations:
– painting
– graphics
– digital art
– photography
– video art
– performance art
– storytelling

Participation in the project allows contestants to:
– Unleash their creative potential
– Demonstrate their creative talents to professionals and the international public
– Receive feedback from a competent jury
– Win a professional award at an art contest at an international level
– Participate in an exhibition in Dubai (UAE).

In addition to the prizes the contest provides the winners with:
– Placement of the works of the laureates in the official catalogs of the competition
– Opportunity to further cooperation with the Fund
– Opportunity to receive letters of recommendation from the management

History of the award

The first season took place in 2021, with teens from 8 countries participating. The project received the international “Culture Online” as the best project of the year, and the regional award “Silver Archer” as the best youth project of the year.

The author of the idea and initiator of the contest, founder and president of the art.coordinate fund is Daria Kalinina.

The ambassador of the second season of the award in the UAE is interior architect Lilia Grebneva.

The Art.Coordinate Foundation (artcoordinate.com) presents the second season of the first international Teen Art Awards (teenartawards.com/en).

The prize is supported by the SEE Institute Dubai Sustainable City.



Art.Coordinate is a young contemporary art support and development foundation that began its work in July 2021.

One of the main objectives of the Fund is to support young artists and strive to become a platform for young artists to communicate, share experiences, and receive help and support from each other and from already recognized colleagues, all over the world.

To achieve this goal, the International Teen Art Awards were created. The project has become a flagship for the Foundation, important and special not only for the team members but also for everyone who cares about the future of contemporary art. Teen Art Awards is not just a competition, but a platform for professional growth and implementation of bold ideas. An opportunity to get support and help from the art community. A way to get to know each other and learn to express yourself.

MORE INFO: https://artcoordinate.com/

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