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Jean-Christophe Molinéris is an amazing painter, writer and organizer of events, born in 1965, and based is Seyne-sur-Mer (Var) France. His exhibitions dated back to 1985 in France and abroad. Robert Bonaccorsi, the Director of Villa Tamaris – Art Center speaks about Jean-Christophe:

Does oil painting have a soul? A particular tension? A substantial singularity? A specific evocative impact? In his Heart and Soul Paintings series, Jean-Christophe Molinéris answers in a practical and positive way. He forcefully asserts his commitment to painting in the historic sense, to its constant renewal, its immersion in time. But the medium isn’t everything. The questions of subject matter, of the subtle play between content and form, of what was before, of precedence, are at stake here, combining meaning, emotion and formal problems. Here too, arise questions about the vitality of contemporary art in relation to modern life (as Baudelaire might say), and in relation to what is actually seen, which the artist must step away from in order to make it his own. For Jean-Christophe Molinéris, to be an artist today is to be able to convey on canvas, a certain insolent and radical emotion, a vibe, an eternally borderline popular musical world, the world of Ska and beyond… For him, representing reality cannot be achieved without an accute conciousness of history in its heartfelt, cultural and human, all too human dimension. Such is the painting lesson Jean-Christophe Molinéris gives us, by relentlessly putting his work back on the loom. His work overtly asserts its critical, its conflictual content, as a witness to the suffering caused by alienation. Indeed, his paintings have a Heart full of soul. ~  Robert Bonaccorsi 2012, Director of Villa Tamaris – Art Center


October orange or awakening of Buddha – 130x97cm – 2007

After Bouddha – Oil on Canvas – 146x114cm, 2009

Blues – Oil on Canvas – 60x52cm, 2007

Desmond Dekker – Oil on Canvas – 60X45cm, 2012

Don Drummond – Oil on Canvas – 60X45cm, 2012

In the Ghetto – Oil on Canvas – 60X45, 2012

Mississippi Song – Oil on Canvas – 130x97cm

Otto Dix, yesterday, today and tomorrow – Oil on Canvas – 130X97cm, 2007

Purple Bouddha – Oil on Canvas – 116X89cm, 2009

Root and Reality, Rico Rodriguez – Oil on Canvas – 60X45cm, 2012

Serie Isolation (Arrest) – Oil on Canvas – 130x97cm, 2009

Soul, Full Reggae – Susan Cadogan – Oil on Canvas – 60X45cm, 2012

Spirit of 69 – Oil on Canvas – 110X80cm, 2012

Sweet Inspiration – Oil on Canvas – 162X130cm, 2007

Sweet, Mama sweet – Oil on Canvas – 120X80cm, 2011

Here is a selection of his Main Exhibitions and Dditions.

Main Exhibitions

1992 “Made in France” – Gallery of Electrical Foufounes – Montreal (Canada)
1997 – “Urban Spirit” – Gallery of Fort Napoleon – Seyne-sur-Mer (France)
2000 “Babylon Reject” – Gallery “Le Passage de l’Art” – Marseille (France)
2002 – French Cultural Center – Freiburg (Germany) “Die Tägliche Abwesenheit ” – Merdinger Kunstforum Merdingen (Germany)
2003 “Die Tägliche Abwesenheit II” Haus Fischerzunft – Bad Säckingen (Germany)
2005 Jean-Christophe Molinéris – Castle of the Templars – Gréoux-les-Bains (France)
2006 Wonderland Gallery – Cologne (Germany) Museum of Arts and Letters – (Hungary)
2009 “Peace, Love and Destruction” – Villa Tamaris – Art Center Seyne-sur-Mer (France)
The Bathers” Museum of Arts and History – Bormes-les-Mimosas (France)
2011 “Jean-Christophe Molinéris, l’autre émoi” Gallery Christiane Valle Clermont Ferrand (France)
2012 “Light Gallery “- London (England)
Heart and Soul Paintings” – exposes with John Sim (Teflon) creator of imagery “Two Tone” designer of record covers for The Specials, Selecter Skabourg (Ska Festival) – Folkestone (England)


The Trilogy Interactive Workshop Part.III”-Sevigne (exhibition catalog) 1992 Paris.
Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Fine Arts” by Jean-Pierre Delarge – Edition Gründ -Paris-1998 (Book).
Jean Christophe Molinéris, White Trash Painting” 1992 – (Exhibition catalog) Edition Villa Tamaris – Art Center – 2000.
L’absence Quotidienne,Die Tägliche Abwesenheit ” -Texts of Eva Maria Berg – Edition Fürsatz Berlin (Germany) – 2001 (Book).
Molinéris, a painter, actor and witness of his time“-2005.
Poetry is in the street.”- 2009 –(Digest of Paintings and Poetries) Edition-National Education, Ministry of Culture
Peace, Love and Destruction“- (Exhibition catalog) Edition Villa Tamaris – Art Center – 2009 –
Bathers” -(exhibition catalog) – Edition “Regard de memoires” – 2010
Whole Lotta Shakin ‘goin’on” Spirit of Rock are you there?” (Exhibition catalog) Edition – House of Cygnus Art Center – 2010
Jean-Christophe Molinéris, “l’autre émoi“(Exhibition catalog) Gallery Christiane Valle – Clermont Ferrand –France, Edition Blue Overseas – 2011
Heart and Soul Paintings”by Jean-Christophe Molinéris –(Book) Edition Nei Gong – 2012 whose preface is signed by Garry Bushell Rock London journalist, television host and writer This book is a compendium of tributes pictorial rhythm, complete of texts of Susan Cadogan, virtuosic vocal Jamaican Reggae Soul, Jennie Matthias ex Bodynatchers and currently Lead voice 1 Stop Experience, Rhoda Dakar ex Bodynatchers, The Specials and many others who have contributed to the promotion of Jamaican music from its beginnings until today.

He makes the design of the book cover of Heather Augustyn “The Man in the Street” the genius and madness of the world’s greatest trombonist Don Drummond (McFarland, Indiana-USA-2013), Heather Augustyn is a writer and correspondent for Times of Northwest Indiana, she is the author of numerous books including: Ska: An Oral History, 2011.
He conceives cover of the single for Susan CadoganDay after Day”, Crabs Corporation-Records Kick
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