The Amazing Portrait Photography of Joachim Bergauer

Joachim Bergauer’s photography is very inspiring. Especially I love the expressions he captures and how this reveals the model’s soul and creates breath-taking artworks.

The master-class photographer Joachim Bergauer was born on 12.07.1965 in Schwarzach (Salzburg). The entrance to the advertising industry was the result of the photography in his adolescence. The artist also gained journalistic experience while working at the Austrian boulevard during his long-lasting function as a press photographer.

In the 1990s, Joachim Bergauer founded his establishment with two assistants. He’s specialised to image-, advertising-, and art-photography. Ever since, the Salzburg citizen is commonly booked by various advertising agencies and magazines (New York Times, Spiegel, Profil, …) in his home country and abroad too. World-famous celebrities from sport and media are also visiting his studio very often to get in the right light for upcoming successful pictures.

At the beginning of 2000, Bergauer founded in addition to his photography an advertising agency and ever since, he is cooperating with costumers like Atomic, Infineon, Volksbank Salzburg, Falkensteiner Hotels and Sparda Bank inter alia.

The artistic part is also not neglected and this is why Joachim Bergauer’s works are admired and favoured at exhibitions in Canada, France, Germany and Austria frequently.

Agencies like Ogilvy & Mather and Kiska invite the artist as an advisor to implement common worldwide campaigns (like KTM for example).

Joachim Bergauer is also working for the curatorship of journalists, the BFI and the WIFI as a consultant. He also has, just like Andreas H. Bitesnich, an important function in the master-class for photography and design.

The Photographer received the “Salzburger Landespreis for marketing and advertising” – the most famous award for advertising agencies in Salzburg – in the years 2004 and 2006 for the best advertising campaigns. Hasselblad Sweden is using Bergauer as a worldwide advertising medium since 2004. Nevertheless, his biggest achievement probably is the FEP European Photographer Award 2015.


2020 Honorable Mention Monovision in Reportage
2020 Honorable Mention Neutral Density Photography Awards 2020
2019 Honorable Mention Monovision in BW
2019 Photographer of the YEAR – Tokio International Photography Award
2019 Award 1 Platz – Bestes Photobuch TIPA
2019 Award 2 Platz – Reportage – Hidden Heroes – Saltworker in Gujarat
2017 Trierenberg Super Circuit Gold Portrait
2017 PX3 Grand Prix France Winner
2016 Karl Weiser Preis
2015 FEP – European Photographer
1. Platz Staatspreis Traumseher Kategorie Werbung 2015
2. Platz Traumseher Profifotograf Kategorie Werbung 2015
1. Platz Traumseher Profifotograf Kategorie Reportage 2015
4x Gold European Newspaper Award 2012 (PUR Magazin)
3x Gold European Newspaper Award 2011 (PUR Magazin)
2. Platz Traumseher Award 2010
200 Best Photographer in the World – Lürzer Archiv
2008 Award 1. Platz Photography
2008 Award 1. Platz Outdoor
2008 S@lzburger des Jahres 2008
2006 Award 3. Platz Werbekampagne
2006 Award 2. Platz Outdoor
2006 Weltweiter Werbeträger für Hasselblad seit 2006
2002 Award 2. Platz Webdesign


See more images on Joachim Bergauer website


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