November 29, 2013- Jury Meeting Poster Contest Francisco Mantecón Terras Gauda

The International Biennial Poster Design TERRAS GAUDA celebrates its 15th Edition with €16,000 in prizes

The International Biennial Poster Design Terras Gauda – Francisco Mantecón Competition is celebrating its 15th edition.

Deadline: February 28th, 2022

Terras Gauda Wineries will award €16,000 to the winners, with €10,000 going to the 1st prize, €2,000 to the 1st Runner-up, 2nd Runner-up and Honorable Mention, respectively.

It is the only international Biennial that organizes an exhibition with all the participating posters. An event that has established itself since it began in 2002 as one of the most prestigious among the art community on five continents.

More than 18,000 posters from 100 countries around the world have participated in the fourteen previous editions. Geographic diversity is also reflected in its awards: artists and studios in Japan, the United States, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Estonia or Spain have taken top honors in the worlds’ most important graphic design competition sponsored by a private organization.

The panel of judges for the International Biennial Poster Design Terras Gauda 2021-2022 will benefit from the criteria of professionals with recognized prestige: internationally acclaimed painter, designer and comic illustrator Javier Mariscal whose long and varied artistic career has earned him considerable recognition, such as the National Design Prize; and Marcelo Ghio, Managing Editor of Experimenta Magazine. Along with them, Estonian designers Eva Unt and Mark Tammik, winners of the latest edition of the competition.

José María Fonseca, Chairman of the Terras Gauda Group, will preside over the panel of judges, accompanied by CEO Enrique Costas; Jesús Vázquez Almuiña, President of the Vigo Port Authority; Nava Castro, director of the Galician Tourism Board; Pilar Barreiro, philologist and widow of Francisco Mantecón, and Paulino Novo, who will serve as secretary.

Press conference on the occasion of the presentation of the Terras Gauda International Advertising Poster Biennial, Francisco Mantecón competition.

Galician Tourism Board Competition

The finalists and award winners of this 15th edition will participate in a closed binding competition sponsored by The Galician Tourism Board.

The works selected in this close binding competition Galician Tourism Board Competition will get €10,000 in prize money to be the promotional image of the 11th and 12th Galician Wine Routes Open Door Sessions.

The International Biennial Poster Design Terras Gauda – Francisco Mantecón Competition is supported by Vigo Port Authority, as well as the Consellería de Cultura e Turismo (Xunta de Galicia).

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