The Logo Book | Branding

The Logo Book | Branding


The logo Book, created in June 2013 by Maurizio Pagnozzi, is part of a study project for a course in graphic design followed by the author at ILAS, Institute of Communication of Naples.
The aim of this project is a book publication, One designer, dedicated to the major graphic designers of the twentieth century, the logo Book is for an hypothetical publishing house .
The simplicity sought by the author is expressed in the arrangement of the letters which form the word Book, two letters for line enclosed by a square shape flat. The strength of the project, is entirely expressed by the shape of the letters, concentric circles that lead the eyes of the observer in an hypnotic game. Hypnotic should be reading the books published by this publishing house .The corporate color used is black, a color that recalls the elegance,but there is also a special edition in red and gold.

From this project, the author has also developed the entire font, called Strabilio.


Logo  Book  Publishing House 01

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Italian designer Maurizio Pagnozzi studied graphic design at “Scuola la Tecnica” of Benevento, where he graduated with a project entitled “Anatomy of the typeface”. He continued his studies at ILAS of Naples where he studied Art Direction and Copywriting and where he attended a master classrooms in Graphic Design, he graduated in 2013 full marks with honors (110/110 magna cum laude) . During his studies he met Cristiano Vicedomini and Denise Di Nardo and with them he created the project “Macride,” a young adv agency. January 2014 he will return to Benevento at his old graphics school, but this time as a teacher of visual communication. Teaching supports the freelance activities at his studio One Design. He worked for several international clients which appreciate his direct style, clean and essential, but not devoid of meaning and contents.
Specializing in branding, corporate identity and packaging. His aim is always to create works that combines concepts with strong functional and solid executions.
In 2013 he won the Cread Portfolio Awards, his works has been published in several online galleries and inspirational books.