The Surreal World of Luigi Gallo Through Photo Manipulation


Luigi Gallo is a young designer who was born in Pomigliano d’Arco (near Napoli), Italy in 1993. In his trip to knowledge he won several regional and national awards. He is an artistic sketch and motion graphic passionate, fan of Photoshop and continues his study in deep in “Photo Manipulation” and “Digital Imaging”.

Luigi spoke to graphicart-news about his work: “My works consist in photo manipulation of images, that take individual pictures of objects or whatever you want, and then shape them and assemble them to create a composition, which can be a landscape or a scene of everyday life, and much more. My style is a bit fantasy, I leave all of the work to my imagination. I apply an artistic style, I do a transformation making the photo manipulation into something pictorial, because often is used to make things inherent to photorealism.”

Enjoy here is a sample of Luigi’s work. View more at his website:


The Pelican Tavern: This work represents the ancient legends of the sea, which were narrated in the so-called “Taverns”. Legends that were born and developed in those places.


Adler von Lubeck and Lord of Krieger: those works are visually different but are so much similar. They haven’t a precise means, but in both artists wanted to represent a medieval atmosphere and was pushed in a style more artistic than the others, as they were on canvas.


Skyfall: With this image Luigi Gallo want to convey a feeling of relax and lightness, in which all elements, also artificial ones, become one with nature without spoiling its purity and lightness.


Ville de nuite: The mystery of night. According to Luigi Gallo, the night isn’t a time but a place… a place of the thousand facets, so he puts in evidence the figure of the cat that he sees as a mysterious animal.


Fallsworld: Representing a mythological style, a vision of the dwelling of the Greek Gods.


Pensiero Sommerso: The inspiration arose from a reflection about the way our mind thinks, that leaves emotions and glorious deeds to collapse. Luigi represents that mainly with the statue of Poseidon (the Greek god of the sea).
Human’s mind instead leaves alive and so to the surface, memories and trivial things, which artist depicted with trivial objects of lesser importance. This mechanism makes you lose sight of the real essence of life on earth, as in his creation is well fixed in the center of the image, representing it with an island full of trees, oxygen, and all the most essential.


City of Music: This work represents the idea of a city of the future from the perspective of the early 90s U.S.


The Ferret and The Bull: These ones are of the first new style. Here Luigi wants to put the animals in human form to reflect their characteristics to these of humans.

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