Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

Women’s Rights Are Human Rights is a very fitting title for an exhibition of Women’s rights and advocacy posters, as it is a term used in the women’s rights movement and was the title of an important speech given by Hillary Rodham Clinton at the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995. In her speech, Hillary Clinton suggests that “if the term ‘women’s rights’ were to be interchangeable with the term ‘human rights’ the world community would be a better place because human rights affect the women who raise the world’s children, care for the elderly, run companies, work in hospitals, fight for better education and better health care.”

Yet gender inequalities remain deeply entrenched in every society. Women lack access to decent work and face occupational segregation and gender wage disparities. Women are often denied access to basic education and health care, and suffer from violence and discrimination, and are under-represented in political and economic decision-making processes.

This exhibition features posters created by both men and women to celebrate and acknowledge the vital role that all citizens should play in protecting and promoting human rights while challenging gender inequality and stereotypes, advancing sexual and reproductive rights, and protecting women and girls against brutality. These posters promote women’s empowerment and participation in society while challenging religious and cultural norms and patriarchal attitudes that subordinate, stigmatize or restrict women from achieving their fullest potential. In their collective visual voice, these posters are designed to jolt the viewer’s sense of collective responsibility to challenge prevailing attitudes toward gender inequality and discrimination, while provoking both a healthy discomfort and empathetic response in the viewers.

Organized and curated by Elizabeth Resnick, Professor Emerita, Graphic Design, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, Massachusetts USA.


Women’s Rights Are Humans Rights: International Posters on Gender-based Inequality, Violence, and Discrimination is an exhibition that features posters created by both men and women to celebrate and acknowledge the vital role that all citizens play in protecting and promoting human rights while challenging gender inequality and stereotypes, advancing reproductive and sexual rights, protecting women and girls against brutality, and promoting women’s empowerment, education, and participation in society. The posters argue for the empowerment of women, the achievement of equality between women and men, and the elimination of discrimination against women and girls.

I, Maria Papaefstathiou owner of the Graphic Art News and also known as It’s Just Me, was honoured to have been invited to participate in the poster project Women’s Rights Are Human Rights with my poster Breast Cancer, Early Detection. The project has traveled to the world thanks to Elizabeth’s zeal and the amazing team of designers she selected for the project.

Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

Exhibition Schedule as of March 16, 2019

University Gallery, Taiwan National University, Taipei
May 14–May 22, 2016 (50 posters)

President’s Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston
September 26–October 29, 2016 (48 posters)

Outside on the Plaza, San Luis Potosi
September 26–October 7, 2016 (50 posters)

Design Toolkit Conference in Thessaloniki
October 8–12, 2016 (50 posters)

Namseoul University Gallery
November 21–December 2, 2016 (50 posters)

Art Center Gallery, Seoul
December 28–January 9, 2017 (50 posters)

Gallery 360, Northeastern University Boston
March 1–April 17, 2017 (45 posters)

Warsaw Poster Museum, Wilanow
April 28–October 30, 2017 (84 posters + 21 posters from their archive)

Archeworks Gallery, Chicago
September 14–October 8, 2017 (57 posters)

University Gallery, Illinois Wesleyan University
January 15–February 22, 2018 (50 posters)

Galicia Jewish Museum Krakow
March 13, 2018 (80 posters)

San Marino
Designing Civic Consciousness conference
Conference Center gallery, San Marino
May 28 –June 1, 2018 (95 posters projected)

University Gallery, William Paterson University New Jersey
September 10–December 12, 2018 (35 posters)

University Gallery, Ohio Northern University Ohio
October–December 2018 (95 posters)

University Gallery, York College of PA Pennsylvania
October 2018 (35 posters)

Art & Design Gallery, Chalmers Hall,  Kansas University
January  20–31, 2019

La Sala Cuarto Espacio de Zaragoza (The Fourth Space, Zaragoza)
March 8–April 30, 2019 (60 posters plus projection)
Center of Art and Exhibitions at Ejea de los Caballeros
May 17–June 30, 2019 (60 posters plus projection)

EAD2019 (European Academy of Design) conference
hosted by the University of Dundee

April 10–12, 2019 (100 posters projected)

Maria Papaefstathiou

VISUAL DESIGNER since 1996 and blogger since 2010. Living in Athens, Greece. She has been focusing her research on poster design and particularly on social poster design and portrait design. Her main poster project is a series of posters celebrating great personalities of traditional and popular culture in Greece and Jamaica. These include actors, singers, musicians, poets etc. This is an ongoing project. “I believe that design is a powerful tool that we designers can use to spark enthusiasm, change mindsets and bring positive actions to our world and our culture”. FOUNDER AND EDITOR OF GRAPHICART-NEWS.COM BLOG. She carefully curates high-quality designs, illustrations, and art, from all over the world that will teach and provoke other designers. Many consider her blog to be an exceptional educational tool. CO-FOUNDER OF THE INTERNATIONAL REGGAE POSTER CONTEST which was launched on December 2011, partnering, the creative activist Michael Thompson aka Freestylee. (www.reggaepostercontest.com)