Wonderful Free Fonts by RIT Creative

RIT Creative is a multidisciplinary design studio, founded by Gattis Vilaks a year ago, just after he graduated from Art Academy of Latvia. According to Gattis, it wouldn’t be possible without his wife Evita and their family friend Krišjānis. Together they work with different design projects in branding, web design and product design.

Thanks to the exposure on Bēhance RIT Creative got noticed by many people, mainly that’s because of their hobby – typography.

Type is one of the most expressive element in designers work, we use fonts every day, we search, we test and search again till we find the best fit for a project, and sometimes You just can’t find the right font! So once we tried to make our own font, and we made – Thin Line Font – and two weeks after publishing it got downloaded 20 000 times.

After their excellent reviews RIT Creative decided to make and publish few more fonts and by now they have seven (7) fonts! with the most famous one, SUNN to have been downloaded more than 200 000 times! Inspired by these numbers and many requests RIT Creative made an extended version of SUNN font, the SUMMER font, which isn’t free but it has a really low and symbolic price of 4.95$ and You get 6 styles (bold / regular / light & Italic) + latin extended + cyrillic.

Thanks to all this just after a year of existence RIT Creative has been involved in many bigger and smaller projects in Latvia and internationally. Mainly they work with branding, which involves every visual material company has, like brand book, logo, web design/developing, strategy for social media, any print material… Analyzing every project needs RIT Creative works together with other industry specialists like developers or manufacturers.

Here are five (5) of the fonts RIT Creative designed.
Alternatively, visit their behance portfolios here: https://www.behance.net/RITCreative



(4.95$ for all 6 styles)
uppercase + lowercase + numbers + symbols + latin extended + cyrillic
thin – thin italic – regular – regular italic – bold – bold italic

SUMMER is great and playful font it looks very well in headings, logos and short descriptions. The main idea was to create a font thats playful and has a strong construction underneath, so it would look great everywhere!

SUMMER font has a free version as well – SUNN free font.




(free for personal and commercial use)
uppercase + lowercase + numbers + symbols + latin extended + cyrillic
REEF is our newest font, it’s a rounded font, it has no sharp edges, it look great in headings and logos!




(free for personal and commercial use)
uppercase + lowercase + numbers + symbols + latin extended
Modeka is our second made font. The main idea was to combine corners with round details, and we got an elegant and simple letterforms which works well for headings and logos. It comes in lowercase and uppercase.




(free for personal and commercial use)
uppercase + numbers + symbols + latin extended
BESOM is our second most downloaded font. It has only BIG letters for strong and convincing heading and logos. Written with a thick brush that resembles a raw besom, that’s also from where the name rose.

Besom has an extended version as well. (BESOM Extended)




(free for personal and commercial use)
uppercase + lowercase + numbers + symbols + latin extended
Thin Line Font is our first font ever made, the main idea was to make letters out of a thin line so that the lines intertwine.


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