30 wonderful Inspirations by Vasilis Magoulas | Inspirational Portfolio [34]

30 wonderful Inspirations by Vasilis Magoulas | Inspirational Portfolio [34]


Today I would like to share with you the portfolio of my friend Vasilis Magoulas aka ‘vamadesign’, a Graphic Designer from Greece with an amazing poster gallery that shows a unique and interesting style. What I really enjoy about his creativity is that it seems very personal, fresh, energetic and fun with unique concepts. Vasilis is very successful at creating powerful works while using minimal and clean lines with a grid-based approach and care about visual balance.

Vasilis Magoulas has worked in various sections of design for advertising companies, creative studios as graphic designer, web designer, art director, and was a teacher of graphic and web design at the Ksinis IVT. He has participated and awarded in several graphic design contests and exhibitions and been published in design books from all over the world, such as U.S.A, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, China and more.
Enjoy Vasilis Magoulas creativity below. His passion for graphic design will embrace you.
You can visit his portfolio for more projects.


1 December. World Aids day / Poster



Satirical Poster. Theme: Loukas Papadimos.
Papa in Greek means “priest“. Loukas Papadimos is a Greek economistwho has been appointed as Prime Minister of Greece since 11 November 201.


Petrol’s Profiteering / Poster


Recycle / Poster


Oil spill threatens / Poster
Oil spill threatens sea life.. Mexico, China.. What’s next?..
Anti smoking / Poster
I want to breath…


Poster on the highly expensive fuel’s price in Greece
The poster rephrase a Greek song that it says:
“I can touch you only in my dreams” to: “I can fill you up only in my dreams”.


Graphic Design / Poster


H2O Poster


Earth Day – April 22


Poster for Japan


Small Things make us happy!




Steve Jobs



Logos and Identity


4 coffee




anima soma – yoga studio


greek wine [Logotype design for H.E.P.O. (Hellenic Foreign Trade Board)]



artisa – academic & art retreat





d(δ)imitra – invitation