All creativity starts with an Absolut Blank

All creativity starts with an Absolut Blank


For more than a couple of decades Absolut vodka has inspired artists, producing memorable images and working with the best in the fields of art and design. In collaboration with artists, ABSOLUT VODKA introduced the creative movement ABSOLUT BLANK. The initiative comprises 18 artist collaborations, films, print and outdoor ads, events and a digital art piece that lives and evolves in your mobile phone.

Absolut Blank from Protein® on Vimeo.


Aesthetic Apparatus

Brett Amory

Fernando Chamarelli

David Bray

Jeremy Fish

Sam Flores

Zach Freeman

Ludovica Gioscia

Good Wives and Warriors

Dave Kinsey

Eduardo Recife

Marcus Jansen

Robert Mars

Doug Cunningham & Jason Noto

Mario Wagner

Source: design collector