Antifascist Solidarity for Greece | Poster Design by Freestylee

Antifascist Solidarity for Greece | Poster Design by Freestylee



On the 19th of January 2013, artists, academics, scholars, immigrant communities, antifascist collectivities, workers unions, etc are calling for a day of antifascist action in Greece and worldwide, with a big assembly and a concert in Syntagma Square. Lots of musicians are taking part, with the list and the initiative being open until now.

After a message the “19th of January 2013” sent him, Michael Thompson (aka Freestylee) has accepted the plea for him to offer them a work of his, exclusively created for this day, in order to reinforce the call for international antifascists solidarity (there are already mobilizations being programmed outside Greek embassies on the same day 19 January).

The organizers of 19 January would like to thank him from the depths of our hearts. His immediate positive reaction can give a boost to artists, creators, etc to help with their work this antifascist movement.

The initiative is accessible in the internet:

1. in facebook:

2. in twitter: @antifa19jan

3. in this blog:

We ask designers to submit a poster to support and promote the initiative!


Please, share widely…