Autism in pictures

Autism in pictures

Milda Bandzaitė (A Rat’s Tale) worked on a picture book to bring home the realities of living with autism to a new audience.

The book’s title is “The Girl Who Didn’t Know How To Be“.

In Milda’s words: “It is a project I feel really passionate about and hold very close to my heart”.

“Growing up is hard for everyone. Some individuals communicate with the world in their own way, but the world does not understand them. They find it particularly hard to transition into adulthood.”

“This book supports autism rights, pro-neurodiversity and is against any harmful views that autism needs to be cured, feared or fixed.”

The Girl Who Didn’t Know How To Be tells the story about a girl who tries very hard to fit into society and her peer groups. She struggles to find a place in this world, but finally she rebels and creates her own rules.



The book is available in both physical and electronic formats. The regular edition is an 80 full-colour paged softcover book. The hardcover book is a 120 full-colour paged book. This is a limited edition with only 42 copies made.
Each book will be signed, numbered by hand and will include requested inscription or doodle.

Download the electronic version  HERE  (if you download it, please write a comment, help us to keep a better track).